mexico-based architecture firm forma atelier introduces a new modular treehouse concept, to be placed within the rural area near the castle of the mothe-chandeniers, in loudun, france. thinking of treehouses as refuges that evoke dreamy and adventurous feelings, the architects decided to revive this idea as limited residential units that encourage close interaction between man and nature. the project was created as an entry for the ‘tree house module’ competition for young architects, launched by french company  dartagnans.

tree house module 1
the 100 m3 treehouse module 
all images courtesy of forma atelier



the treehouse prototypes by forma atelier were specifically designed to be easily fabricated and reproduced. the modules are based on a grid system of 0.30m and 0.40m, while steel profiles, wood and glass were used for their construction. the steel provides durability to the structures, making for a stable and safe environment for the residents. the use of wood helps generate a cozy atmosphere, while glass surfaces blur the boundary between the interior and the exterior. 

tree house module 6
the 65 m3 treehouse module



the prototypes are made to be versatile, adapting to any surface and climate, thanks to their modular structure. their triangular shape allows the formation of eaves that can be used for sunbathing. meanwhile, this shape makes them stand out among their surroundings, like a lighthouse immersed deep in the forest. forma atelier conceived the treehouses as shelters of free thoughts, dreams and memories. ‘imagine the treehouse as the triangular stage of our lives, where the main actors are the past, the present and the future’ founder carlos eduardo cruz ay shares. ‘the scaffolding of emotions leads us up and down through stairs that stop time, lines in the structure simulate our life paths, intersect, and whisper to us where we came from and where we are going’

tree house module 12
section of 100 m3 treehouse module

tree house module 11

tree house module 2
ground floor plan of 100 m3 module


tree house module 3

1st floor plan of 100 m3 module

tree house module 4
section A of 100 m3 module


tree house module 5
section B of 100 m3 module




tree house module 7
ground floor plan of 65 m3 module


tree house module 8
1st floor plan of 65 m3 module


tree house module 9
section A of 65 m3 module


tree house module 10
section B of 65 m3 module



project info:



name: tree house module
architects: forma atelier
lead architect: carlos eduardo cruz ay
project team: carlos eduardo cruz ay, salvador huerta
competition: tree house module
oranizer: young architects competition (YAC)
location: castle of the mothe-chandeniers, loudun, france



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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom