design studio formafatal has designed the interiors for ‘burrito loco’, a mexican fast-food chain with a long tradition in prague. the colorful dining room features custom-made mexican accents.

formafatal burrito loco
all photos by jakub skokan and martin tuma / boysplaynice 



formafatal used a bright color palette which extends to the sheet metal, paintings, ceramic tiles, and furniture used. the monochrome tiles are accented by symbols typical of mexico such as the ‘sombrero’ hats as well as brightly lit, stylized cacti. other features include plastic garlands imported directly from mexico and woven pillows featuring the sun from the ‘burrito loco’ logos. 

formafatal burrito loco
monochrome tiles serve as a neutral background for the bright orange furnishings



as a creative architecture and interior design practice, formafatal approaches each project with attention to detail. create concepts are realized to provide each client with a strong design identity. the firm also designed the ‘gran fierro’ restaurant in prague which has a distinctly south-american character to celebrate argentine cuisine. 

formafatal burrito loco
the ‘sombrero lamps’ help create a brightly lit space

formafatal burrito loco
the woven pillows feature the ‘burrito loco’ logo 

formafatal burrito loco
corrugated metals sheets create an urban aesthetic within the restaurant

formafatal burrito loco
the brightly lit cactii create a unique pattern on the wall

formafatal burrito loco
the symbols from mexico include the cactus and sombrero hat 

formafatal burrito loco
hanging white garlands and lights create the scenery of a mexican ‘fiesta’ 

formafatal burrito loco

the hot shop store provides an eclectic selection of sauces





project info:


architect: studio formafatal
project: january – march 2016
realization: july 2017
photos: jakub skokan a martin tůma – boysplaynice
cost for the realization of the interior: 700, 000 czech koruna (CZK)