stepping gardens shape foster + partners' 'the alton' in miami beach

stepping gardens shape foster + partners' 'the alton' in miami beach

foster + partners heads to miami beach


Foster + Partners takes to Miami Beach to design The Alton, a new mixed-use building for the sunny city on the Florida coast. Developed by SHVO, this six-story structure will introduce a blend of retail, residential, and office spaces along the busy Alton Road, all complemented by lush rooftop gardens. The architecture responds to the urban fabric of the neighborhood, defined by terraced, low-rise buildings. Similarly, The Alton will stand low, stepping down toward the south and west to create sunny garden terraces. These roof gardens serve as multi-functional spaces where employees can work and socialize, while facades on the office levels are strategically recessed to lend solar shading.

foster partners miami beachimages © Foster + Partners



sunlit offices lead to rooftop ‘pocket’ gardens


A unique feature of The Alton is its entrance, an interior ramp for cars, which the architects at Foster + Partners have designed to free up ground-level space. The suspended ramp connects with the car park above, and incorporates a floor-to-sky oculus to channeling natural light through the office spaces and into the public areas below, lending a well-lit and vibrant atmosphere. The offices within The Alton prioritize occupant comfort, featuring operable windows and cross-ventilation. Open-air pocket gardens visually connect multiple office floors to offer uplifting green spaces for indoor-outdoor connections. These spaces are flooded with natural daylight to promote a healthy and invigorating atmosphere. Meanwhile, the rooftop level is filled with a series of private gardens, opening toward views across the city and Brickell Bay beyond.

foster partners miami beach
Foster + Partners unveils the six-story mixed-use building to redefine Miami Beach’s urban landscape



‘the alton’ to become a new landmark on the coast


Foster + Partners envisions The Alton with a pale concrete material palette to resonate with the local aesthetic, and mitigate the heat island effect. Extensive landscaping further contributes to this sustainability ethos, creating a harmonious integration with the natural surroundings. The ground floor lobby showcases fluted concrete walls, adding depth and texture to the space, and serves as a canvas for colorful artworks, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

foster partners miami beach
gardens and passive shading draw inspiration from Florida’s vernacular architecture



David Summerfield, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners says:Learning from Florida’s vernacular architecture, The Alton features extensive landscaping, incorporates natural light and passive shading techniques to create a dynamic urban environment. The building is designed with a strong structural rhythm that generates a shaded retail colonnade at street level. The scheme is also extremely permeable, with pedestrian routes directly underneath the building, connecting West Avenue and Alton Road.’

foster partners miami beach
the building’s stepped massing creates spacious green terraces for work and socializing stepping gardens shape foster + partners' 'the alton' in miami beach
a landscaped driveway leads to a suspended interior ramp and car park above


offices prioritize comfort with operable windows, cross-ventilation, and open-air pocket gardens

stepping gardens shape foster + partners' 'the alton' in miami beach
the lobby features fluted concrete walls which add depth and texture


the rooftop level is filled with private gardens offering views of the city and Brickell Bay beyond

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