foster + partners' new jing'an apple store is designed like an amphitheater in shanghai

foster + partners' new jing'an apple store is designed like an amphitheater in shanghai

apple jing’an: a new urban hub in shanghai


Foster + Partners presents a new Apple store in Shanghai, a project defined by its integration with the streetscape of the Chinese city’s Jing’an District. The retail project revolves around a thoughtfully recreated circular public plaza, which strengthens the connection between the historic Jing’an Temple and Jing’an Park across Nanjing Road. The space for Apple also integrates the existing metro interchange, stitching together the city’s urban fabric and creating a vibrant public space. ‘We are delighted to have been given this great responsibility,’ said Stefan Behling, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners. ‘Our design reimagines the plaza as a lively new meeting point, offering spaces to relax and appreciate the beauty of the Jing’an Temple.

foster partners apple jingan
images © Nigel Young / Foster + Partners



foster + partners Reconnect the City Fabric


The new plaza of Apple Jing’an is designed by Foster + Partners to be permeable, encouraging pedestrian flow across different levels. A gently sloping landscaped skywalk incorporates an elevated gallery and terraced seating, allowing visitors to enjoy the temple views. The architects organize the circular layout to foster social interaction and strengthens the sense of community, creating a new gathering space for the city. Meanwhile, seasonal plantings complement the warm tones of the temple and soften the surrounding urban environment. The regionally sourced Padang Light stone used in the plaza extends into the store’s interior, creating a cohesive transition between the exterior and interior spaces.

foster partners apple jingan
Foster + Partners brings new Apple store and public space to Shanghai



a space for the public


The main entrance of Foster + Partners’ Apple store opens broadly onto the plaza beneath Jing’an Park. Like an amphitheater, a central stone staircase leads visitors from the plaza down to the Forum, a bright double-height space. This dramatic arrival sequence is mirrored for those entering from the metro interchange below. Curved ramps provide an accessible route from the metro to the store’s double-height space.


The Forum features a large disc-shaped central light in the ceiling. This light is illuminated by a backlit panel that replicates daylight using tunable white lighting technology. The intensity of light adjusts throughout the day, mimicking the natural transition from daylight to a warmer night-time ambiance. Additional lighting layers include accent lighting for products and wall washers along the store’s perimeter.

foster partners apple jingan
a central staircase leads visitors from plaza into the bright Forum below



A dramatic, curving timber ceiling reflects the Apple store’s circular geometry. It wraps around a central oculus and slopes gently upwards towards the main entrance, drawing in natural light from the plaza above. The circular plaza, store entrance, interior staircase, and Forum all lie on the temple’s central axis, offering direct views of the historic landmark throughout the journey within the space. The entire development is designed with respect for both the temple and the park, acknowledging their unique identities. The project aims to preserve these qualities, enhance their context, and create a natural and complementary addition to the surrounding urban landscape.

foster + partners' new jing'an apple store is designed like an amphitheater in shanghai
the curving timber ceiling draws in natural light and brings drama to the space

foster + partners' new jing'an apple store is designed like an amphitheater in shanghai
a new circular plaza strengthens connections between Jing’an Temple and Park


a large disc light mimics natural light throughout the day

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