foster + partners celebrates progress and mobility with its ‘alif’ pavilion, to open this october at expo 2020 dubai. the space offers visitors an experience that will merge the digital world with the physical, exhibiting iconic historical figures whose innovations have shaped the technology of the modern world. the pavilion will host the world’s largest passenger elevator, capable of transporting approximately 160 people at once. the name ‘alif’ references the first letter of the arabic alphabet, an homage which honors the beginning of human progress in its journey across ever expanding frontiers. 

foster expo 2020 dubai
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the team at foster + partners designs its mobility pavilion to inspire visitors of expo 2020 dubai to envision the future they want. the space will present an exhibition of smart cities and the role of artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, machine learning, and autonomous transport. the pavilion will further demonstrate the intricate processes of global transportation of goods and how mobility could evolve along with the human-centric cities of the future.

foster expo 2020 dubai



expo 2020 dubai will run from october 1st 2021 until march 31st 2022 with the theme of ‘connecting minds and creating the future.’ the expo will finally unveil its host of pavilions after a one year delay caused by the global pandemic.

fluid and undulating, foster + partners' mobility pavilion will show at expo 2020 dubai



project info:


project title: mobility pavilion

architecture: foster + partners

location: expo 2020 dubai

event dates: october 1, 2021 – march 31, 2022