foster + partners designs 'the star,' a hollywood tower wrapped in spiraling gardens

foster + partners designs 'the star,' a hollywood tower wrapped in spiraling gardens

Foster + Partners’ Vertical Creative Oasis


Hollywood, Los Angeles is set to gain a blossoming new landmark with the unveiling of revised designs for The Star, a $1 billion vertical creative office campus envisioned by Foster + Partners. Located on a two-acre lot at 6061 W. Sunset Boulevard, this project is developed by The Star LLC, with the aim to introduce a hub for Hollywood’s top content creators. Designed by architect Norman Foster, The Star takes the form of a dynamic, spiraling tower. Spacious floor plates, large outdoor areas, and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows will offer 360-degree views toward the cityscape, the Hollywood Sign, and California‘s Pacific coast beyond. The building’s true centerpiece will be its lush, spiraling gardens, climbing from street level all the way to the rooftop restaurant.

foster partners star hollywoodimages © Foster + Partners



the ‘workplace of the future’


Both Maggie Miracle, CEO of The Star LLC, and architect Norman Foster, founder of Foster + Partners, emphasize the project’s focus on fostering a vibrant creative community in Hollywood. ‘The Star’ is designed to blend indoor and outdoor workspaces, offering collaborative areas alongside spaces for quiet contemplation and innovation. Foster describes the project as a ‘true reflection of the workplace of the future,’ nurturing creativity and collaboration through its unique design.

foster partners star hollywood
Los Angeles will soon see a new landmark, The Star, a vertical creative office campus



‘the star’ embodies the spirit of hollywood


Leading the design team at Foster + Partners is Nigel Dancey, who highlights how the building’s form not only offers breathtaking views but also embodies the spirit of Hollywood itself. ‘The Star’ prioritizes natural light and ventilation, creating a healthy and productive work environment for its tenants. Patrick Campbell, Senior Partner at Foster + Partners, elaborates on this focus on sustainability: ‘Cascading gardens and natural light create a healthy and highly productive working environment.’

foster partners star hollywood
located on Sunset Boulevard, The Star aims to attract Hollywood’s top content creators



The Star extends beyond its core office space, aiming to become an integrated part of the Hollywood scene. The street level will feature a walkable area with an expansive LED screen, inviting restaurants, community spaces, a theater, and a gallery. This focus on public engagement promises to make The Star a vibrant destination, not just for its tenants, but for the entire Hollywood community.

foster + partners designs 'the star,' a hollywood tower wrapped in spiraling gardens
designed as a spiraling tower, The Star offers spacious work areas, outdoor space, and panoramic views foster + partners designs 'the star,' a hollywood tower wrapped in spiraling gardens
cascading gardens will climb the exterior, becoming the building’s signature feature


natural light and ventilation are prioritized to create a healthy and productive work environment

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