concrete residence ‘Bodega Vespucci’ features elevated spaces


Situated in Puerto de Santa María, Spain, Frame studio has renovated an old wine cellar into a contemporary residence shaped by a concrete structure and minimalist elements. Within the project, dubbed ‘The Bodega Vespucci’, the architects distinctively create an elevated ‘glass box’ volume located in the center of the interior that is held against concrete columns and supported by a steel structure. 


bodega vespucci loft 1
‘glass box’ volume located in the center of the interior space

all images courtesy of Frame Studio



double-height expands reinforces the feeling of floating


The architects at Frame studio intricately designed the bodega to be connected to an outdoor patio that acts as a big skylight, despite being located on the ground floor. The residence has three rooms, each one with its own bathroom. Two bedrooms make up the ‘floating’ space and are linked to a rear corridor invisible from the main space. The entryway of the glass space is accessed via a concrete staircase, which consists of rectangular blocks that are cantilevered against the side walls, accentuating the apartment’s minimalist aesthetic.


To intensify the feeling of hanging from the glass box, the architects at Frame Studio increased the height of the interior space to a double height of 5m (16.4 ft). The ground floor contains an open kitchen that is located below the glass volume, as well as a living room with direct access to the outside patio. Additionally, the residence is reinforced with an HVAC system to allow for continuous air renewal. Each new intervention within the bodega is permanent but gives the impression of floating. This element gives the apartment a feeling of lightness reinforced by the glass materiality, which contrasts with the massive and industrial aspect of the concrete.

bodega vespucci loft 2
front view of the interior space of the bodega vespucci featuring the floating ‘glass box’ and open kitchen space

bodega vespucci loft 3
reinforced ‘floating’ glass structure

bodega vespucci loft 4
minimal wooden dining table located under the glass box

bodega vespucci loft 5
double hight interior supported by concrete columns

bodega vespucci loft 6
minimal furniture highlights the raw materiality of the residence

bodega vespucci loft 7
outdoor patio with floor-to-ceiling glass windows overflows the apartment with natural light

bodega vespucci loft 8
discrete concrete steps lead to the glass box entrance

bodega vespucci loft 9
breathable area between the kitchen and the living space

bodega vespucci loft 10
concrete columns support the structure of the apartment and carry the glass intervention

bodega vespucci loft 11



project info:


name: Bodega Vespucci
designer: Jose Maria De La Cuadra – Frame Studio

location: Cadiz, Spain


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edited by: zaha mango | designboom