fran silvestre arquitectos designs its latest residential project ‘can ras’ to disappear into the forested mediterranean landscape of mallorca. the design of the project is driven with a generative strategy of shifting geometries along a single axis, where an initial, singular volume is divided and fragmented into small parts. situated just a several meters from the shore, the house is comprised of a a collection of staggered buildings, each with its own program, unique character, and autonomy. the organization serves to generate interstitial exterior patios, shaded by native pines scattered along the site.

fran silvestre can ras
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with ‘can ras,’ the design team at fran silvestre arquitectos seeks to generate a dialogue between the project’s interior and its natural context. this is achieved through the prioritization of views across the mediterranean sea through large openings protected from direct and harsh sunlight with deep-set eaves. the enclosure offered by these eaves generate large, shaded exterior terraces. the house is conceived with natural materials, but built is with current technology, with respect for the project’s economy, precision, and continuity.

fran silvestre can ras



various starting points justify the formal and technical strategies adopted by fran silvestre arquitectos in the design of ‘can ras.’ special attention is initially given to its integration with the natural landscape. the team next values the project’s adaptability, both to the environment in which it is sited and to the surrounding vegetation. the fundamental aspects regarding its sustainability are also considered through technical solutions traditional to the region. finally, the team seeks to emphasize the user experience, offering spaces to enjoy the natural landscape and built outdoor areas with the necessary privacy.

fran silvestre can ras fran silvestre can ras fran silvestre can ras fran silvestre can ras



project info:


project title: can ras

architecture: fran silvestre arquitectos

location: mallorca, spain

principles in charge: fran silvestre, sevak asatrián

interior design: alfaro hofmann