located on a slopy site of nova lima, brazil, ‘cabana oitis’ by marcos franchini and nattalia bom conselho, is private weekend house for a couple who enjoys mountain biking as their favorite hobby. the site is ideal, providing pleasing views to the natural surroundings and featuring biking trails right around its corner. the building includes an external extension for biking equipment storage. 

oitis cottage 1front façade

all images courtesy of marcos franchini and nattalia bom conselho



marcos franchini and nattalia bom conselho have chosen a simple rectangle plan for their design, in order to optimize the assembly and construction process. the use of the steel structure is due to the large production of it in the region, and the use of the cyclopean concrete in the foundations is explained by the large presence of rocks in the natural terrain and the intention to embrace it in the building.

oitis cottage 2
slope façade



the façade of the building has a burntwood (shou sugi ban) covering and corten steel doors. in addition, tissue slider panels were designed at the balcony, in order to protect the residence from the intense wind of the slope. the house opens itself to the mountains, instead of opening to the street, generating a cozy and intimate space.

oitis cottage 3
slope façade


oitis cottage 4
rear façade


oitis cottage 5
living room


oitis cottage 6


oitis cottage 7


oitis cottage 8




project info:


name: oitis cottage

architects: marcos franchini and nattalia bom conselho

collaboration: amanda casttilho, joão pedro facury, josé henrique paiva and thomáz marcatto

renderings by: amanda casttilho

location: rua dos oitis q31l8, morro do chapéu / nova lima – minas gerais, brazil

built area: 165 m2




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