take a first look inside frank gehry's glimmering twin skyscrapers in toronto

take a first look inside frank gehry's glimmering twin skyscrapers in toronto

frank gehry’s shifting volumes and undulating facade


New details have been released of Frank Gehry’s ‘Forma’ tower in Toronto, which will soon stand as his first residential tower in Canada. With the east tower rising 73 stories, Forma will also mark the tallest Gehry-designed building worldwide. Since the beginning stages of its design, the project has explored thoughtful ways to redefine its urban context, especially its site along King Street and Duncan Street. The team notes that it aims to ‘inject visual dynamism and movement onto the skyline.’


With the towers‘ irregular volumes and angled positioning, the two volumes and the void between them, will be ever-shifting as viewers gradually move around the city. This transforming effect will be further amplified by the complex, patterned geometries and materiality of the facade. The architecture will appear to be fluid and undulating, dynamically transforming even as the metal reflects the changing sunlight throughout the day.

Frank Gehry Torontoimages courtesy Great Gulf Group, Dream and Westdale Properties



Learning from toronto


This latest view of Frank Gehry and Gehry Partners‘ Forma tower has been revealed by Great gulfWestdale Properties, and Dream — the development team behind the Toronto project. Because Gehry was born in Toronto, it was important to him that the design recalls some of the buildings that were important to him growing up — namely Old City Hall, where the architectural definition and texture of the sandstone helped establish an ‘air of gravitas.’


Frank Gehry elaborates: ‘I’m a Toronto traditionalist, because I remember Osgoode Hall, University Avenue, the Parliament Buildings, and the Royal York Hotel. There is a feeling of Toronto that I had as a kid, and I wanted that to be in the DNA of our design.


Every city in the world has its own light and the light is modified by the buildings in the city. I wanted this building to capture the essence of Toronto. It’s not like everywhere else. The light is different. The heritage is different. It’s a different place. I hope that is what people see when they look up.

Frank Gehry Toronto



inside the forma towers


The team goes on to describe the newly unveiled interiors of Frank Gehry’s Forma tower in Toronto: ‘The material palette of the east tower lobby offers a counterpoint to the stainless steel of the tower with curved wood furniture and accents, along with limestone cladding the walls and flooring. The ceiling is dominated by a sculptural installation designed by Gehry’s design team, offering a shimmering motif of maple leaves that can be viewed from the street.

‘Drawing on the vocabulary of the façade, alternating stainless steel and glass canopies wrap the corners of both towers at street level, giving coverage to future potential commercial tenants and maximizing the public realm with active street frontage.

‘Remaining interior spaces were helmed by internationally-acclaimed designer, Studio Paolo Ferrari (see here), who built on Gehry’s initial inspiration, delivering designs that served as a metaphor for the city. Drawing on the studio’s extensive international hospitality experience designing five-star luxury hotels and resorts, Forma marks Ferrari’s first condominium residence design in his studio’s hometown of Toronto.’

Frank Gehry Toronto
complex, patterned geometries shape the facade Frank Gehry Toronto
a sculptural installation designed by Gehry’s team will offer a shimmering motif of maple leaves

take a first look inside frank gehry's glimmering twin skyscrapers in toronto
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take a first look inside frank gehry's glimmering twin skyscrapers in toronto
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