austria based ludescher + lutz architekten developed a series of wooden houses that fit naturally into the alps of austria as part of fuchsegg lodge hotel. the architects took the traditional structures in the region as a model and reinterpreted them according to the requirements of the hotel.

fuchsegg lodge hotel 1
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ludescher + lutz architekten designed a façade system made of wood, which allows the buildings to ‘age’ uniformly into the location. they wanted the lodges to become part of the landscape in a relaxed, natural way. ribbon windows with rotating wooden slats stretch across all buildings and the entire group of houses. similarly dimensioned, elongated, low structures stand in free alignment but close together. the meadow landscape runs undisturbed between the structures. there are no gardens assigned to the buildings, no fences, no retaining walls.

fuchsegg lodge hotel 2



the houses have uniformly gray roofs and naturally gray façades. what differentiates the lodges from other buildings are orderly proportions and fine wooden details. the interior is dominated by light local wood. hardwood is used as flooring, band-sawn, and oiled. on the walls and ceilings, band-sawn silver is invisibly attached. the lighting is concentrated on tables and movement areas. many rooms show the soffits of the sloping roofs and open chimneys which add a touch of coziness to the space.

fuchsegg lodge hotel 3



the architects believe that with this project they were able to achieve their initial idea of ‘vorsäss’. a term that originates from the alemannic alpine region and refers to a settlement inhabited only in summer, consisting of simple farmhouses with stables, forming a loose settlement without the pretense of being a village.

fuchsegg lodge hotel 4

fuchsegg lodge hotel 5



project info:


name: fuchsegg | lodge hotel

designers: ludescher + lutz architekten

location: amagmach egg, bregenz forest, austria


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