‘EUR new congress centre’ by fuksas, rome, italyimage © moreno maggiall images courtesy of fuksas




in rome, italy, the ‘EUR new congress centre’ by italian practice fuksas is well under way. the project began in 1998 and is now dubbed ‘the cloud’ because of the large suspended structure contained by the building’s shell — generating a city within a city. the organically shaped element hosts an auditorium capable of holding 1,850 people and support services such as a conference rooms holding up to 6,500 seats. enclosed by the ‘theca’, a rectilinear exterior  is surfaced with 15,000 square meters of curtain wall supported with steel ribs. the transparency allows the focal centerpiece to be viewed from the outside. an independent building called the ‘blade’ will house a hotel with 441 rooms.

fuksas: EUR new congress centre under construction in romeunderside of ‘the cloud’image © moreno maggi




the flexible complex will host congresses, exhibitions and events with a capacity of 9,000 seats. sustainable features include photovoltaics on the roof plane to produce electricity while protecting from solar gain to reduce stress upon the air conditioning of the interior.

fuksas: EUR new congress centre under construction in romerectilinear structure of steel ribs contain the organically shaped auditoriumimage © moreno maggi




elisa fuksas has produced ‘the cloud’, part I, a film which depicts the story amidst a backdrop of the ongoing crisis and difficult process while defending the imagination behind the design. a double screening will be presented at the auditorium parco della musica during the rome film festival. showings are scheduled on sunday november 11th, 2012 at 3pm to 6pm and admission is free.

fuksas: EUR new congress centre under construction in romerenderingvideo still

fuksas: EUR new congress centre under construction in romeinteriorvideo still

fuksas: EUR new congress centre under construction in romeexteriorvideo still



project info:


object: eur new congress centresite: rome-eur, italy date: 1998-2013client: eur spaproject: massimiliano and doriana fuksasinterior design: fuksas design


engineering: plans: a. i. engineering, turinstructures: studio majowiecki; studio sartisafety: studio sartiacoustics: xu – acoustique, parigi and a.i. engineering, turinarea: 55.000 mqtype: ongoing project


video credits:


directed by: 
elisa fuksas

ferran paredes rubio
, david maldi
, michele orlando
, luke ranzato, 
marco ricchello
, michele d’attanasioediting: eleonora caomusic by:
 marco fasolo

 massimiliano navarra