british company tree tents international presents the bespoke, environmentally sustainable ‘fuselage.’ while the small-scale, 3 meter by 5 meter design allows occupants to inhabit even the wildest places of the natural world from the comfort of a contemporary woodland cabin, the flat-pack construction introduces a heightened ecological resolution in its manufacturing, transportation and construction. the fuselage cabin is offered as a kit of parts to be assembled on site. the inherent simplicity of the assembly process allows for the cabin to be constructed in remote locations without the use of heavy machinery, minimizing the disruption of the local ecology.

fuselage tree tents
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the team at tree tents international advocates a circular economy in which products are built to last, are reusable, and minimize harmful waste. throughout the manufacturing process, the fuselage respects and adapts to its natural surroundings. it is built of locally-sourced, recyclable materials and can either be suspended from trees or mounted on a stilted substructure, eliminating the need for large foundations. excess material from the manufacturing process is reused as such camping equipment as stools to rucksacks.

fuselage tree tents



the fuselage is clad in an aluminum skin which encases the modular wooden and aluminium frame, creating a watertight shell that reflects the colors of its surrounding context. this structure can withstand the most challenging environments while the stilted feet adapt to sloped or rugged terrains, and can be positioned among nearly any landscape. its heavily insulated triple-layered walls, low-voltage radiant heating, micro wood stove and solar panels enables the fuselage to withstand harsher climates than many alternative structures. fuselage designer jason thawley comments: ‘I designed the fuselage to access some pretty extreme environments — allowing people to stay in these amazing locations with a structure that is both lightweight in construction but as tough as old boots!

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project info:


project title: fuselage

design firm: tree tents international (TTI)®  (@_tree_tents)

installation time: average 2-4 days

pricing: from £26,000