wuhan-based architecture studios wiki world and advanced architecture lab have collaborated to realize a set of timber cabins situated in yichang, china. the project consists of 18 prefabricated structures, serving as hotel rooms, complete with a cafe house, and a swimming pool. lead architect mu wei, deeply inspired by his personal experience of norwegian aurora, has adopted a futuristic design to create the cabins as part of nature, breathing freely into the forest.

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the project by wiki world and advanced architecture lab includes five different types of cabins, ranging from 35 to 65 sqm. the timber dwellings adopt a split-level design, with their pointy roofings piercing through the dense clouds. the facades are made of reflective metal materials, achieving a real-time mapping of the four seasons. in this way, the building merges with nature harmoniously, at all times. inspired by the diversity of the surrounding fields and mountains, the project generates a series of unique architectural spaces: bridges in the valleys, spaceships in the woods, viewfinders in the tea fields, and stacked building on the hillside.

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the overall planning and design fully respect the terrain and the environment, and all cabins are placed lightly on the mountain like wooden cube toys. the point foundations and the inverted umbrella-shaped columns bring minimal damage to the environment, allowing the cabins to ‘float’ in the forest. the structures adopt the HBE glue-laminated timber panels system. its advantages include the low deformation rate of the wood, along with high structural strength. the overall assembly accuracy of this system ensures that all parts of the wooden house can be produced at the same time according to the drawings. 

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all wooden cabins are built in accordance with the standards of energy-saving buildings, in order to ensure a longer service life and comfortable use of the internal space. the dwellings are equipped with hotel intelligence, air conditioners, water heaters, and a fresh air system. the interior is configured in a nordic minimalist style, mainly showcasing an original wood texture, to create a natural and refined holiday atmosphere. the facade of the building uses mirrored metal plates and wooden grilles; the incomplete reflection of the mirror surface can make the wooden cabin blend into the environment well. it can be hidden from time to time in the unique dense fog landscape in the mountains, giving the tea garden a quiet and mysterious feel. 

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project info:



name: mountain & cloud cabins
architecture office: wiki world, advanced architecture lab
project team: mu wei, zhang yingchun, pan yanjun, feng zhaoxian, feng jingqin, li kunhua
location: yichang, china



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