cave café in canada shines like the sun with yolk yellow interior

cave café in canada shines like the sun with yolk yellow interior

Fuwa Fuwa Cafe by Studio Yimu


It always feels like waking up again on a sunshine-filled morning at the Golden Square branch of Fuwa Fuwa in Toronto, Canada. Forget about the whir of the coffee machines or the waft of freshly baked sweets and treats. The attention is immediately lured to the high ceiling of the café slash restaurant that slopes and forms the shape of a cave.


The arc mirrors what it might feel like to be inside a loaf of bread, only to be baked with lots of egg yolks. The brown shade is replaced with the purity of yolk yellow. Never mind what diners eat here. The bright-yellow interior and the Japanese aesthetics are already filling.

fuwa fuwa café in canada
images courtesy of Studio Yimu | all photos by Scott Norsworthy



Design Firm Studio Yimu took over the design of Fuwa Fuwa in Golden Square. ‘It is neither a grab-and-go cafe place nor a sit-down restaurant. It exists in the intersection of the two, and thus aims to combine the visual aesthetics of both,’ the team writes on its website. By the looks of it, it was an effortless success in capturing the original outlook before working on the design.


The progressive effect of the color transitions from bright yellow to white. It complements the wooden canopy and backdrop along with the marbled floor. The intention of the design team was to sit the diners and make them savor the environment and the meals they will devour soon. Mission accomplished.

fuwa fuwa café in canada
the tall ceiling forms an arc



Infusing the visual traits of japanese design


Studio Yimu wanted to introduce a modern café with a forward-looking presence as opposed to the traditional and subdued-toned counterparts in the neighborhood. To underline its zesty energy, the team painted the interior with the brightest yellow they could find to reverberate the coffee-and-cake culture of the youth and the steadfast quality of a classic eatery for those who seek repose immersed in guilt-filled dining. 

fuwa fuwa café in canada
close-up look



‘All the while, the design infuses visual traits of Japanese design to reflect the Japanese-style dessert that it serves,’ the team adds in its write-up. When diners step in, the soft curve and bright yellow of the high canopy frame their vision from the get-go, the sense of a modern temple penetrates their first impression. ‘Light emanates from it, softly brightening all corners of the space. It is flanked by corridors on either side,’ the design team continues.

fuwa fuwa café in canada
Fuwa Fuwa branch in Golden Square



Experiencing the cozy feeling of being tucked away


Diners order from the range of Japanese-inspired desserts and snacks and wait for them to get served. Hands on the tray, their eyes scan the place with plenty of seats to occupy. The ones near the entrance afford the views of the outside through the transparent windows, while the ones at the back allow them to burrow themselves into the nook of the cave’s Japanese and Instagram-worthy cradle.

fuwa fuwa café in canada
details of the japanese design



‘Two experiences become available: the hustle and bustle of pancake flipping and the cozy feeling of being tucked away in a small pocket of space,’ the design team writes. Coffees might get cold from the pleasure felt while sharing conversations between bites and slurps.


Fuwa Fuwa in Golden Square moves up on the list of go-to cafés (and must-visit spaces for those who need to travel from afar). The choice of bright yellow for the canopy is enough to convince diners they stopped by the right place.


Fuwa Fuwa café in Canada

fuwa fuwa café in canada
japanese visual elements are present in the design

fuwa fuwa café in canada
seating area for the diners



project info:


name: Fuwa Fuwa

designers: Studio Yimu

location: Golden Square, Ontario, Canada

year: 2021

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