pina, bodrum by GAD all images courtesy GAD

turkish GAD (global architectural development) firm in collaboration with turkish architect dara kirmizitoprak have designed a proposal for residential units on pina, a peninsula on the aegean sea, located near bodrum on the southern coast of turkey.

surrounded by trees, the peninsula is an example of the local natural beauty. an active decision was made that settlement on the peninsula shouldn’t ruin the natural beauty present on the site. on the contrary, it should blend and unite with it. therefore, a number of diagrams were created analyzing the present location of the trees, natural topography, and possible locations for the necessary road branching. these diagrams were over-laid on one another, and the resulting surfaces were molded, stretched and distorted to form the spaces.

on the 44,500m2 site, there are 17 villas, 21 hotel rooms, event spaces, restaurants, and recreation areas. each house has its own private deck, private pool, and private garden. the location of each piece of the program allows the view to be seen from every point on the site. the result is 3 prototypical residences.

GAD: pina, bodrum aerial view

GAD: pina, bodrum various shapes of residences

GAD: pina, bodrum residential units

GAD: pina, bodrum view from above

GAD: pina, bodrum

GAD: pina, bodrum villas

GAD: pina, bodrum hotel rooms

GAD: pina, bodrum private decks

GAD: pina, bodrum private decks

GAD: pina, bodrum private decks