garis architects’ arc sets precedent for sustainable community centers 
all images courtesy of steven ngu, andy lim





humankind has always possessed a deep desire to mark their presence on the landscape to make a place identifiable of their community. the innate sense of ownership of land by the populations of the world was a driving force in the conception of the ‘arc’, a venture by malaysian garis architects sdn bhd for bandar rimbayu sdn bhd

garis architects arc designboom
the design addresses the sunlight, heat, humidity, and rain of the tropical climate 




at its most basic level, the ‘arc’ provides shelter and a central location for social and recreational activities, communal and sports events. further, it presents an edifice and identity to the greater community in the form of a flexible and versatile space. it is a massive plot that can be adapted, altered and added on to

garis architects' arc sets precedent for sustainable community centers
the recreational canal is also a rainwater collection vessel that recycles water for irrigation




the development is designed to be a living, evolving showcase of sustainable design. due to its location, architects had to consider the extremes of local climate including intense sunlight, heat, humidity and monsoons. a number of characteristics were created as solutions to these issues. the principle solution is a large green roof deck insulates and filters collected rainwater before discharging it to the canal waterways. water continually drips down columns that are covered in climbing plants. as water is recycled, it invigorates the natural process of nature and continues on as if human intervention never occurred. 

an upper level pedestrian network of garden paths connects to main facilities




community vegetable gardens located on site promote integration into the space by residents, and provides education on the values of self-reliance and cooperation. with a total site area spanning 2000m2, the ‘arc’ encourages an active and healthy lifestyle. areas of the development are available by walking and cycling, dense plant life improves air quality, and sports and recreational activities tighten community dynamics.

garis architects arc designboom
green ‘curtain’ frames the landscape




other facilities located at the ‘arc’ are: green terraces between buildings, roof-deck gardens, covered inter-connected canopy, small shops, public restrooms, sports field and multiple playgrounds, clubhouse with food and beverages, and a landscaped parking court at the site’s entrance. the design was approached holistically, man-made amenities are balanced out by environmentally friendly principles. the ‘arc’ as a whole is a large modification of the land it sits on however its necessity-based philosophy sets a precedent in sustainable architecture, community out-reach and education

garis architects arc designboom
gently rising roof structure

garis architects arc designboom
covered canopy walkway with green roof-deck above

storm water drainage and collection system diagramgaris architects' arc sets precedent for sustainable community centers
the ‘arc’ is designed to be a living and evolving education showcase of sustainable approach 

garis architects arc designboom
basic site organization/concept

garis architects' arc sets precedent for sustainable community centers
development layout



project info:


project name: the arc at bandar rimbayu
location: selangor, malaysia
architect: garis architects sdn bhd
design team: ar tang hsiao seak, ar steven ngu ngie woon
completion: 2012-2014
client: bandar rimbayu sdb bhd, IJM land berhad
builder: IJM construction sdn bhd
building area: approx. 2000 m2 (including landscape)
photographs: steven ngu, andy lim



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