gaudi resurrected in chile: la capilla de rancagua
images courtesy of corporacion gaudi de triana




for the first time in history, an original gaudi design will be built outside of spain. the ‘corporation gaudi de triana‘ has acquired the original plans and drawings for a small chapel that is to be realized in rancagua, chile. the project came about over a decade ago, when chilean father angélico aranda wrote a letter to gaudi in spain asking him to design a chapel for rancagua, which was still feeling the effects of the war for chilean independence. the structure was designed but never built, until now when the organization has recovered the drawings and is working to finally make this humble chapel a reality for rancagua.  the structure will be built in the gardens of a newly created cultural and spiritual center. apart from the chapel itself, the project will also see the realization of a series of support program including a book store, souvenir shop, cafe, tourist offices and a school of arts. the project will be built utilizing the many of the materials and methods that would have been used had it been built in the early 20th century. craftsmen will be carefully selected to execute the paramount details that make the project an original gaudi. capilla gaudi chile designboom
3D section model


cut through a 3D model of the chapel











capilla gaudi chile designboom
interior visualization



cultural and spiritual center site plan



original sketches