genesis v.2 is an adaptable, sustainable prototype for a housing colony on mars

genesis v.2 is an adaptable, sustainable prototype for a housing colony on mars

genesis v.2 housing prototype adapts to life on mars


architects burak celik, naz kaplan, and zeynep ege odabasi unveil ‘genesis v.2’, an extraterrestrial design prototype for a housing colony on mars. within the framework of building a sustainable system that is able to respond to the current and upcoming conditions on the red planet, the project establishes an adaptable structure that might adjust to new colonization scenarios for mars. through its circular form sitting on the natural craters with minimal footprint, and a unit system that is responsive to the growth of the colony as well as the crater size, the design represents a foreseeing solution towards approaching martian settlements.

genesis v 2 3
aerial night view

all images courtesy of burak celik, naz kaplan, and zeynep ege odabasi



an incomplete structure settling on a natural crater

‘ever since learning that mars has water, our focus became exploring more about the red planet and developing systems to survive there, but this time with a sustainable approach,’  celik, kaplan, and odabasi share. ‘if there will be a second chance on mars, it should appreciate nature as well as the existence of the planet, through the delicate balance between consumption and production, with the lowest mark possible on the planet.’ the architects add. named after the ‘genesis’ mission of NASA that was searching for our cosmic origins, the genesis v.2 aims at continuing the mission of its ancestor, by taking the next step and spreading human origins to another cosmic planet. 


one of the keystones in this concept is to reflect an incomplete aesthetic depicting humans’ limited knowledge towards building a future in space, and pointing out how to strategize against the exciting yet unpredictable possibilities of life on mars. taking this into account, the project settles on craters which helps not only to implement its adjustable structure system but also to locate it on a relatively-low radiation zone. a ring system is developed around the main production/circulation tower, and through adjusting the ring radius, the settlement can be located on craters with varying dimensions.

genesis v 2 4



an ever-lasting search for the best location on mars


the structural stability of the volume is achieved through the connection joints of the main ring that help attach the unit to the crater securely. meanwhile, a screw-like end on the main tower is nailed to the lowest level of the crater to enhance its balance and sturdiness. these two, the outer ring and the central tower, are the backbones of the design development. therefore, when relocation is needed due to a colony growth, the structure will be easily detached, the main ring expanded allowing a longer path with more units, and without any other intervention genesis v.2 will re-attach to a bigger crater.


the main aim of the design is to provide the maximum possible production for the colony with the minimum resources. to achieve this goal, an adaptive/dynamic perspective for the settlement takes control, letting the structure respond to the changes in light, temperature, and other weather conditions through repositioning its parts. this ever-lasting search of genesis v.2 for finding the best location is to serve the production within its system, where various sustainable energy technologies are used as well as biofuel production via algae farming. genesis v.2 thrives to reflect how our first steps into a new world should be: sustainable to establish a respectful relationship between us and the new home and adaptable to different scenarios humanity could face in this new home to achieve the maximum efficiency in expanding our community towards a bright future.

genesis v 2 5
VR zone

genesis v 2 6
eating zone

genesis v 2 7
units | kitchen

genesis v 2 8
units | living room

genesis v 2 9
units | elevator & entrance from the main corridor

genesis v 2 10
laboratory & exit to sample collection zone

genesis v 2 11
technical units & main circulation tower



exploded axon & environmental systems
exploded axon & environmental systems
concept diagrams & plan drawings
concept diagrams & plan drawings
section perspective
section perspective

project info:



name: genesis v.2
designers: burak celik, naz kaplan, zeynep ege odabasi 



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