‘KD-house’ by geneto, shiga prefecture, japan images courtesy of geneto / © yasutake kondo

japanese practice geneto, has completed KD-house, the renovation of a single family home in shiga prefecture, japan. reacting to the thoughtless layouts of mass-produced dwellings, the design looks to re-establish the relationship between indoors and out in the highly developed residential neighborhood.

geneto: KD house

each house, situated in close proximity to the next, features large windows that open onto neighboring buildings and the busy street. as a result, closed curtains hang in the windows of each home, looking to protect and conceal the private activities happening within.

geneto: KD house dining room

in this home, an angular wall penetrates the space, snaking around existing structures, and re-connecting each area. standing tall, the divider – which doesn’t quite reach the ceiling – wraps around the entrance, living room and family room, enclosing the functions of each space and limiting contact with the outside world. with the windows left bare, natural light filters in uninterrupted.

geneto: KD housedining room and living room

furniture is built into each room, defining its purpose and giving each area character. geometric forms add interest to the long, narrow dwelling, breaking the volume into a series of slightly divided planes. spaces between the new and existing walls become a buffer zone – not quite private, not quite public – providing dedicated areas for smaller hobby and office areas.

geneto: KD house overall space

geneto: KD house living room

geneto: KD house living room and hobby room

geneto: KD house (left) view from the kitchen (right) kitchen

geneto: KD house (left) private areas such as the dining room are concealed behind the new wall (right) an office area is located in the buffer zone between the new and existing walls

geneto: KD house floor plan / level 0

geneto: KD house (left) floor plan before (right) floor plan after

geneto: KD house (left) section before (right) section after