broides architects introduces the ‘VHRS’ vacation house, taking shape as a geometric two-story residence with a private courtyard in israel. the dwelling adopts a simple layout, resembling two white plaster cubes separated by a center patio, while a decorative pool reveals a waterfall facade at the entrance of the lot. lush vegetation and paved pathways lead residents towards the interior that houses a series of generous common areas, as well as four master bedrooms. 

vhrs 1
all images courtesy of broides architects



‘VHRS’ by broides architects emerges at the center of the lot, in a way that each level enjoys a spacious yard. upon entering the front courtyard, residents are accompanied by the sounds of the pool water, along with shadows of the weeping willow trees. the decorative pool is surrounded by an access ramp that leads towards the upper level of the dwelling which includes the four master bedrooms and the family room.

vhrs 2



at the lower level, one can find the kitchen, the dining area, and the living room with a fireplace that hangs from the ceiling. the living room and kitchen embrace a covered outdoor sitting area with a dining space. a 15-meter-long swimming pool in the backyard can be fully shaded by a dynamic horizontal and vertical canopy. access is available directly from the courtyard to the service area, featuring the changing rooms and toilets for pool users, without the need to pass through the house. vhrs 5



meanwhile, on the lower level, an impressive iron & wood staircase sets alongside the patio, and guides residents upstairs. on the upper level, the bedrooms are separated by a frosted glazed acid glass sliding door. at the center of this floor, a family room enjoys a balcony that opens towards the backyard and the pool. here, the chimney from the fireplace below provides warmth and comfort to the residents relaxing within the seating area.

vhrs 6



the main wall of the entrance is clad with unrefined stone in shades of grayish sand, and is illuminated by a skylight which emphasizes the three-dimensional depth of the material. the stone continues on other walls, between the large windows, and penetrates into the interior of the living room. most living areas are covered with a parquet floor, while the outdoor areas are paved with bluestone tiles. the interior walls are painted white, as a gallery-like background for the different artworks that the residents own.

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project info:


name: VHRS
architects: broides architects
lead architects: hila and ran broides
location: israel



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