perforated laser-cut panels filter sunlight for 'golfn' residence in indonesia

perforated laser-cut panels filter sunlight for 'golfn' residence in indonesia

traversal cut defines ‘golfn’ residence to face a golf course


GeTs Architects has designed a contemporary residence partially cladded with perforated laser-cut aluminum panels in Bogor, Indonesia. Titled ‘GolFN’, the dwelling is characterized by its patterned laser-cut screen, which protects occupants from harsh sunlight and heavy rainfall, while also allowing them to enjoy views of the surrounding golf field and Mount Salak. 


The owner chose the site to reflect on his youth and memories of his Saudi Arabian home at the time. The golf course takes on the appearance of the well-known sand dunes desert setting; they have a similar gentle slope but come in various colors.


golffn 12
‘golfn’ sits in front of the golf course and faces mount Salak, Indonesia

all images courtesy of GeTs Architects



ramp with a protective laser-cut volume leads to the entrance


Located on the right side of the house an open ramp with a semi-opaque laser-cut volume above leads to the entrance of the residence. As a result of the east-facing building, the studio GeTs Architects combined vertical and horizontal patterned aluminum shading panels to protect the main entrance from sunlight, and simultaneously functioning as a barrier against the heavy raindrops in Bogor, Indonesia. 


It was decided that there should be leveling provided with a ramp and lift at one continuous level in order to allow the clients to age happily in this home. Therefore, the ramp creates an atmosphere of a notable entrance while walking through it. It blends the internal external spaces, as the owner who is fond of the rain prefers to leave the cladding with no glass roof to allow the rain to seep through softly. 


golffn 9
material and textural differences within the space due the traversal aluminum block

golffn 1
laser-cut aluminum volume with geometric patterns is an overhead construction

golffn 2
aluminum volume limits the entry strong sunlight and rain



golffn 10
outdoor pond with wood decking and a space shaded but the aluminum panels

golffn 3
modern interior space with dark tones and marble flooring

golffn 4
exterior patio shaded by the aluminum panels

golffn 5
ground floor living room showing the separation of the aluminum from the rest of the residence


golffn 6
modern living space

golffn 7
dining hall with stone walls

golffn 8
dining space next to the laser cut panel walls

golffn 11
outdoor garden with a pond shaded by the laser-cut panels



project info:


name: GolfFN

designer: GeTs Architects

location: Bogor, Indonesia


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