ghezzi novak la fabrica
ghezzi novak + la fabrica propose canopy to recover fisherman’s beach in lima
all images © ghezzi novak and la fabrica
(above: the project aims to recover the fisherman’s beach)




developed in collaboration between ghezzi novak and la fabrica, ‘la sombra’ is the third-prize winner of a competition held in peru that aims to recover and develop the fisherman’s beach in chorrillos, lima. the project is located in a coastal area of 20.000 square meters and aims to benefit the fishermen by recovering the beach, improving the pier, construction a new infrastructure for the market, and creating an innovative dining experience for the general public.

ghezzi novak la fabrica
a market and a restaurant aim to create an extraordinary eating experience for the general public




ghezzi novak and la fabrica define their proposal as a shadow, where actors converge and are part of the landscape. by building a canopy above the public plaza, the project strives to generate around this area, a down-to-earth experimentation of artisanal fishing processes. the architecture was thought in relation to its context, taking into consideration that it needs to endure over time by using low maintenance materials, in favor of economics and responsibility towards the city.

ghezzi novak la fabrica
view of the arrival plaza

ghezzi novak la fabrica
tourism dock

ghezzi novak la fabrica
aerial view

ghezzi novak la fabrica
site plans

ghezzi novak la fabrica
floor plans

ghezzi novak la fabrica
floorplans and sections



project info:


architecture: la fábrica, ghezzi novak
location: chorrillos, peru
architects in charge: álvaro rivadeneira, arturo ghezzi novak, gustavo ghezzi novak
award: third place
organization: club de regatas lima, asociación peruana de estudios de arquitectura, colegio de arquitectos del perú regional lima, municipalidad metropolitana de lima, municipalidad de chorrillos, autoridad autónoma de la costa verde
year: 2015



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