ghezzi novak incorporates tree into kitchen bungalow in peru
images © renzo rebagliati
all images courtesy of ghezzi novak




rethinking the traditional idea of a kitchen, peruvian architect ghezzi novak has framed a wooden bungalow‘s interior around an existing tree. located in the miraflores district in lima, peru, the site consists of a large garden, swimming pool with a terrace and a wooden bungalow. the plot of land was subdivided so that the different areas of the household were accessed through a series of exterior spaces. a new kitchen was placed in an old open-roof storage room, its existing walls and atmosphere were used as pivotal elements to help guide the proposal.


exterior view of the wooden bungalow



taking advantage of the tree’s unusual positioning for the layout of the kitchen, dining room and pantry enabled a strong articulation of its spatial boundaries between the inside and outside. an ambiguous division between these two is created with the ceiling, which features openings between wooden beams to bring large amounts of light through and enhance the organic and natural atmosphere.

the main street access



a connection to the surrounding garden landscape is offered through two openings in the pre-existing walls – one for the kitchen area and another, the height of a person sitting for the dining area. constructed as two pieces of furniture, the windows have a depth that can be used as shelves or storage. a built in system regulates the opening of the panels to control light, ventilation, and the view, offering a level of flexibility for the occupants. the materials applied throughout the building have mostly been left in their natural state, further enhancing the architectonic components of the kitchen.

the roof consists of wooden beams with a tree that extends through them


interior view of the organic kitchen


looking out the dining room window


the tree, pantry and refrigerator


view of the cooking area


detail of a copper tap


the custom built window with detail of the light switches


a pass-through window to the exterior


the street’s intercom and mailbox



project info:


location: lima, peru
studio: ghezzi novak
architects: arturo ghezzi novak and gustavo ghezzi novak
photography: renzo rebagliati



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