an intricate facade of 'woven' steel promotes a picturesque climbing garden in england

an intricate facade of 'woven' steel promotes a picturesque climbing garden in england

a home for nature to flourish


English architecture practice Giles Miller Studio celebrates the completion Woven, of its first residential project. The project can be found just one hundred meters away from the scenic cliffs and sandy beaches of Broadstairs, Kent, Breaking down barriers between indoor and outdoor space, the dwelling is recognized at once by its unique facade of intricate steel latticework designed to integrate with the natural surroundings, inviting nature to flourish both outside and within its walls.

giles miller studio woven
images © Rachel Ferriman @rachelferriman



the modular, twisting Facade is a home for climbing plants


The external skin of Giles Miller Studio’s Woven house takes shape as a detailed, functional artwork. Its intricate latticework is created as a new home for climbing plants such as jasmine and clematis. Thus, nature is encouraged to gracefully extend its reach from the outside to the interior of the building, made possible by the generous use of glass throughout.


This complex facade not only harmonizes the home with its surroundings but also provides natural shading, allowing for the use of large floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Drawing inspiration from the circular patterns of twisted rattan weave, the architects introduced a three-dimensional relief to the composition using recycled ABS modules crafted from electronic component housing waste. The depth of these modules enhances visual permeability and provides a welcoming surface with which the climbing plants can intertwine.

giles miller studio woven



giles miller studio’s Artistic Approach to Architecture


As demonstrated with its Woven house, UK-based Giles Miller Studio embraces an artistic and interventionist approach to design, aiming to enhance occupants’ experience of space. The studio’s passion for exploring the interplay between materials and light is evident in its diverse portfolio, which spans from intricate small-scale sculptures and jewelry, to large pavilions and permanent structures.


The buildings we inhabit have a direct impact on our state of mind,’ says studio founder Giles Miller.Through their design, they curate light, sound, and human interaction, while exposing us to nature and organic materials, resulting in a profoundly positive effect. In harmony with our latest surface and sculptural experimentation, we believe Woven represents a truly unique architectural typology.’

giles miller studio woven
the home is designed to transform with the passing seasons as climbing plants flourish giles miller studio woven
the latticework facade is assembled with twisting steel modulesan intricate facade of 'woven' steel promotes a picturesque climbing garden in englandplants such as clematis and jasmine are encouraged to weave throughout the assembly


the team drew inspiration from the circular patterns of twisted rattan weave

an intricate facade of 'woven' steel promotes a picturesque climbing garden in englandpicturesque, wild nature permeates and shades the interiors through large windows


the studio employed recycled ABS modules crafted from electronic component housing waste


project info:


project title: Woven

architecture: Giles Miller Studio@gilesmiller

location: Kent, United Kingdom

completion: 2023

photography: © Rachel Ferriman @rachelferriman


main contractor: Future Construction Kent
CLT: Construkt CLT
groundworks: Ovendens
planting design: The Big Green Leaf
structural engineering (steelwork): Design4Structures
structural engineering (steelwork, CLT): Structure Workshop
structural engineering (facade): Michael Alexander Eng
consulting architect: Outpost
glazing: C&A Window Systems

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