gmp architekten has completed construction of the ‘silk road international conference center’ in xi’an, china. in 2017 the architects won the competition to design the conference center, which, together with the silk road international exhibition center, also by gmp, forms the center for trade and industry of shaanxi province. the square building comprises a series of concave retreating curved glass façades complete with half-moon-shaped upper and lower parts.

gmp architekten completes construction of silk road international conference center in chinaall images by creatAR images



gmp architekten‘s recently completed conference center incorporates references to traditional chinese architecture, such as measured horizontal façade proportions, a column pattern, and a symmetrical roof. the square construction features 200-meter-long sides complete with concave glass façades on all four sides. the glazed first-floor level above the platform, with steps that lead down to the water, makes the building appear to float. this sense of weightlessness is achieved by using an unusual suspended construction: a grid of steel beams spans the cores, thus creating large congregation and exhibition spaces without columns.birds eye view of the silk road international conference center



the steel beams of the construction project beyond the cores, forming the sweeping verge of the roof. the lower, half-moon-shaped arch is suspended from this, forming a generous entrance to the building. the suspension is achieved using 180 elegant steel columns with lengths between 30 and 40 meters and a diameter of 0.6 meters that provide a dynamic structure and emphasis to the façade. viewed from across the river, the internally illuminated white half-moons appear as a landmark for xi’an that can be seen from afar.

front view of gmp architekten's design



situated on the eastern part of the center for trade and industry, the building features a a total floor area of 128.000 square meters above ground. inside, it includes conference, exhibition, and multifunctional facilities for international forums, as well as for bilateral and multilateral summits, thus offering the largest integrated conference center in the north-west of china.interior view of the white-hued conference center




project info:


name: silk road international conference center

architect: gmp architekten, meinhard von gerkan and nikolaus goetze with magdalene weifl

project lead + detail design: su wen

detail design team: zhao mengtong, xu haifeng, zeng zi, hu yuxuan, wang zhifei

project management china: cai lei, qu mengxuan

partner firm in china: tongji architectural design(group) co.,ltd, shanghai tongji urban planning & design institute

structural design: SBP, schlaich bergermann partner

landscape architect: wes landschaftsarchitektur

façade design: inhabit group

client: xi’an silk road international convention and exhibition center co., ltd.,xi’an chanba ecological zone management committee