golucci interior architects has completed the refurbishment for quanjude, a chinese restaurant in vancouver, canada. the design aims to remind visitors of the restaurant’s extensive history, while also transforming it into a carrier, of chinese tradition, culture, art and cuisine.

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 1dining area

all images courtesy of golucci interior architects



according to chinese tradition, the character ‘fu’ stands for good luck and happiness. during the time of spring festival, almost every family in china would hang the word upside down, believing that doing so would cause good fortune to literally descend down on their house. taking inspiration from this traditional practice, golucci has installed a sculptural ceiling full of upside-down beijing buildings within the dining hall of the quanjude restaurant.

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 2
front facade



the concept of the ceiling installation comes from looking at the beijing forbidden city complex from the mountain jing shan. from this point, the palace museum and temple of heaven and many more contemporary buildings are visible. ‘I most hope that people who come to quanjude vancouver store will say a few words: beijing is here!’ shares lead designer lee hsuheng. 

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 3
dining area



the dining area also features a blue bookshelf and a porcelain podium, which reference the chinese blue on the plaque of wen su pavilion in the forbidden city. the display of bookshelves also reminds of the book collection pavilion that was included in the forbidden city complex, as well as the chinese-style ancient shelves. the engraved version of the quanjude plaque hangs at the end, and under the plaque is a glass fireplace. 

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 4



the ceiling of the bar area is a modern version of the chinese-style bucket arch made out of aluminum plate. the bucket arch is both a load-bearing and an art component. the complex use of tenon and mortise is used to combine the weight of the roof through beams and columns. in the event of a strong earthquake, the bucket arch structure will ‘loosen’ but won’t fall apart, consuming energy from the earthquake. the top of the bar is surrounded by ancient arches, which serve as a structure element and a beautiful expression of chinese art.

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 5
designer lee hsuheng even included a reference of the forbidden city’s great red wall which is familiar to all beijingers

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 6

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 7

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 8
the welcome counter at the entrance of quanjude vancouver

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 9dining area

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 10

quanjude beijing 1864 2020 vancouver 11
china bucket arch bar chinese installation art 




project info:


name: quanjude beijing duck house 
architecture office: golucci interior architects
lead designer: lee hsuheng
location: vancouver, canada




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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom