double gondola-featuring tricentennial tower proposed for new orleans
images courtesy of US thrill rides




after announcing a development agreement with two canal street investors inc., US thrills rides has proposed a re-development of the recognizable world trade center at the foot of canal street in new orleans. the ‘tricentennial tower’, designed by perez, and local architects angela o’bryne and pio lyons, aims to provide a dramatic and memorable family entertainment experience. the planned 320-foot-tall structure, to be situated in the city’s downtown riverfront area, features a tower-twisting, double-helix gondola viewing experience, that will also lead onto a sky-high restaurant and observation deck. this will provide breathtaking 360° views of the french quarter, commercial business district and mississippi river.


new $40 million USD 33-story tower attraction planned for the new orlean’s riverfront
video courtesy of michael kitchen




‘the seattle space needle hosts well over one million visitors per year,’ said michael kitchen, president of US thrill rides. ‘US thrill rides, two canal street investors and our additional investor partners believe that a new orleans’s tricentennial tower on the riverfront would quickly become one of the city’s most popular visitor attractions.’


‘the concept would create a very high quality, 360 degree panoramic viewing experience, a thoroughly immersive journey through new orleans’ history from the city’s 1718 founding through its 300th birthday celebration in 2018,’ explained kitchen.

the viewing deck and restaurant




the proposed $40 million USD tower aims to become an experience similar and as desired as the mich liked seattle space needle and england’s london eye. the 33-story structure plans to inlcude the ‘new orleans 360 interactive experience’, in association with the ‘louisiana maritime museum’, which will be located on a 300-foot high observation-deck level. here, visitors will be presented with a virtual reality tour of the history of the american city.

the double-helix gondola provides a unique viewing experience