graft’s winning public square proposal in tbilisi constructed as a folded surface
all images © graft architects




berlin-based practice graft architects have won the competition to develop their proposal to transform rose square in the city of tbilisi in georgia. the urban square is one of the few public spaces within the city and currently sits as parking lot. capitalizing on its central and location, the area is  key position in the development of the city. graft’s plan sees rose square constructed as a folded surface that is floating above the ground. composed of different levels and distinct areas, the inclining surface subtly creates a connection to the existing underground programs. the scheme reflects the distinct features of the capitals terraced topography and reanimates so far unused potentials of urban landscapes.

the new rose square will create a connection to the underground areas which was built during the 70s




furthermore, new retail and restaurant opportunities as well as sunken gardens will generate public activity, while an underground path will connect the nearby radisson hotel to the main boulevard. the main area at the core of the area is conceived as an urban amphitheater, a forum for the public and for performances. once completed, the new square – like a continuous landscape – will facilitate as a multi-functional public realm for tbilisi.

a folded surface, floating above the ground will ‘hover’ over the city center connecting different levels and areas

the key area currently serves as a parking lot




project info:



project: urban planning
location: tbilisi, georgia
status: competition, first prize
client: new office llc
size: 8.000 m²