great barrier reef house by crosson clarke carnachan architectsall photos by simon devitt




placed in an enclosed space surrounded by natural vegetation, the ‘great barrier reef house’ by crosson clarke carnachan architects is a getaway conscience of its neighboring environment and is constructed to have a minimal impact to the great barrier reef island. built in 2009, the sustainable measures were considered when fashioning the home whose main function is a relaxing shelter. simplicity in the form allows for both an openness to the outdoors, but also privacy. the timber framing of the dwelling expands from the interior outward, to cover a patio space which is accentuated by being lofted; also protecting against floods. blackwood trees cover more intimate spaces such as the bedroom and washroom of the narrow property. solar panels are affixed to the roof and a water tank is placed to heat and power the home. ‘it is an astonishingly decadent feeling lying in a bath of free water, heated by the sun, pumped by solar power. free as anything! hot water gets up to 68 degrees in the tank from the sun, and has to be cooled to come out the tap,’ says the client of the ‘great barrier reef house’.

ccca_great_barrier_house_designboom02the site of the home is place among puriri ant other native trees

ccca_great_barrier_house_designboom03living room and dining areas open to the outdoors and the whole structure becomes deck-like


ccca_great_barrier_house_designboom04the ‘great barrier reef house’ soaking the sun’s rays with an elevated patio