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mobile wood panels flow through eduardo guimpert's 'G+D house' in coastal chile

guimpert atelier architecture designs wood-clad ‘G+D house’ 


‘G+D House’ takes shape as a summer residence in the coastal region of Huentelauquen, Canela, Chile. Completed by Guimpert Atelier Architecture, the wooden and stilted building stretches out dramatically across the arid landscape where harsh solar radiation and strong winds reign. The project seeks to transform these conditions into its main design element to provide a passive house solution. ‘To achieve this, a wooden skin is created flowing over the façades, which manages the solar radiation that affects them during the day. This also helps to control the wind in the orientations where it is facing, providing, in return, greater privacycontrol,‘ explains lead architect Eduardo Guimpert. 

G+D house designboom
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passive solutions for wind and sun control 


During the process, one particular challenge arose: dissipating the strong winds while framing a view towards the south. Solving this issue required using a transformable wooden skin as the main structural material, treated via software to create perfect cuts, minimize construction time, and reduce material loss and waste to a minimum. As a result, the architect installed a series of wooden blocks and mobile panels to control wind and sun exposure as well as offer residents dynamic spaces throughout the residence.


Beyond controlling the indoor climate of ‘G+D House’, Eduardo Guimpert wanted to reflect the client’s lifestyle by having a main open area where everyone could gather; this space combines a living room, dining, kitchen, and terrace, dominating both the south valley and ocean view. Meanwhile, buffer zones separate the sleeping area from the rest of the residence to control sound and temperature. Together, these features offer a haven amid Chile’s challenging climate. 

mobile wood panels flow through eduardo guimpert's 'G+D house' in coastal chile
‘G+D house’ sits in the arid coastal area of chile

mobile wood panels flow through eduardo guimpert's 'G+D house' in coastal chile
the building stretches horizontally across the plot

mobile wood panels flow through eduardo guimpert's 'G+D house' in coastal chile
wooden blocks help control the harsh weather conditions


G+D house designboom
punctured wooden panels flow through the house

G+D house designboom
using passive solutions to build the summer getaway


G+D house designboom
close up shot of the stilted construction

G+D house designboom
the main living areas combine into one long horizontal stretch






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