hadi teherani refurbishes powerplant to create meilenwerk car center
all renderings © on3studio
all images courtesy of hadi teherani architects GmbH






in the ever growing hanseatic city of hamburg, germany, a cultural center based for showcasing automobiles is planned to be built by hadi teherani architects. ‘meilenwerk‘ is designed to be a forum for driving culture and is placed in a former power station. the historically preserved building (grade II listing) is a sensible site to house numerous cars in its momentous brick-clad form. hadi teherani architects will add a glass cube to protect and display vintage and luxury cars. the tempered glass spans eight floors and is supported by ‘V-shaped’ beams. behind the massive hall, an additional glass roof will create a pavilion for presentations and other activities. the ‘meilenwerk’ project will be completed in 2015.

placed by the water, ‘meilenwerk’ car center combines a showroom aesthetic with an industrial brick structure


the back entrance of the cultural center includes a cafe nestled under an expansive glass roof



an interior rendering of the first two floors of ‘meilenwerk’


ground floor of the car center illuminated by vast skylighting


on display will be a range of automobiles from vintage to concept


hadi teherani refurbishes powerplant to create meilenwerk car center



site plan 1:500



 first floor plan



section drawings 1:200