HAEAHN architecture shapes national aviation museum of korea as multi-faceted sculpture

HAEAHN architecture shapes national aviation museum of korea as multi-faceted sculpture

the national aviation museum of korea to elevate the country’s flying industry 


located in gimpo airport, seoul, the national aviation museum of korea is a new cultural space promoted by the ministry of land, infrastructure, and transport to raise the status of the country’s flying industry. completed by HAEAHN architecture, the museum stands as a multi-faceted circular volume with frontality in all directions, including the southern beltway, supporting complex, and main entrance road.

air turbines air shows and air walks 2
southern overview | all images © namsum lee



air walk, air show, air turbine: endowing the design with three dynamic spatial concepts 


the team at HAEAHN architecture developed the design around three spatial concepts celebrating science, freedom, beauty, and adventure within the national aviation museum of korea. the first concept, ‘air turbine’, features a dynamic landmark that spotlights mechanical aviation aesthetics and science technology. the second idea, ‘air show’, is an aviation gallery where the history of korean aviation unfolds like a panorama. finally, ‘air walk’ consists of a three-dimensional exhibition walkway that guides visitors through displayed planes of various heights.

air turbines air shows and air walks 4
contrast between round and rectangular buildings



structurally, the museum features two different buildings; a circular exhibition hall and a rectangular management hub optimized for storage, work, facilities, and the like. together, they meet with the surrounding environment in perfect harmony. within the exhibition hall, the architects carved a three-floor void to create an integrated hub where outdoor displays are allowed through a transparent facade.




air turbines air shows and air walks 7
atrium view from the fourth floor

air turbines air shows and air walks 8
elaborate external details completed by BIM design

air turbines air shows and air walks 3
the aviation gallery and the outdoor exhibition space

air turbines air shows and air walks 9
observation plaza





project info:


name: national aviation museum of korea

location: gimpo airport, seoul, south korea

program: culture and assembly facilities (exhibition)

gross built area: 18,593.5 sqm

completion date: 2020

architecture: HAEAHN architecture & inha university

design: sehan yoon & jongyup lim 

team: sungwon kim, bongju moon, minseok kim, jinwook han, suryu um, yonggi kim (HAEAHN)

photography: namsun lee | @namsun_lee



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