the israeli pavilion at shanghai expo 2010 will ‘look like two clasped hands,’ says the chief designer of the pavilion, haim z. dotan. ‘the two dynamic forms symbolize israeli innovation and technology,’ and could be interpreted as a dialogue between humanity and nature, the earth and the sky, the past and the future.

the pavilion will be divided into three areas: the hall of light, the hall of innovations and the whispering garden in which the trees surrounding the pavilion will be equipped to make ‘whisper’ in english and chinese, greeting visitors as they walk close to them and enter the building.

the hall of light will be covered with transparent PVC / glass, symbolizing technology, transparency, lightness and the future and will include a 15 meter screen inside the glass space showing films which highlight the country’s technological achievements. the real centrepiece of the structure will be the hall of innovation, which will be covered in natural stone, symbolizing a connection to the earth, history and recycling of natural materials. an audio-visual show of light balls will float within the space, allowing visitors to hear doctors, israeli children, scientists, and inventors introduce themselves and share their hopes for the future.

haim dotan architects: israeli pavilion at shanghai expo 2010the pavilion has been nicknamed the seashell

haim dotan architects: israeli pavilion at shanghai expo 2010 view of the hall of light