a modern A-frame cottage by ADR & formafatal is hidden among czech mountains

a modern A-frame cottage by ADR & formafatal is hidden among czech mountains

a contemporary dwelling in nature


The HAJ Cottage, situated along the sloping landscape of the Czech Republic‘s Krkonoše Mountains, has taken shape as a collaboration by architecture practice ADR and interior design studio Formafatal. Commissioned by a family with children, the goal was to craft a recreational, cabin-like oasis in the mountains suitable for both summer and winter activities. A key consideration was for the timber, A-frame dwelling to sensitively occupy its natural surroundings while maintaining a modern aesthetic and addressing contemporary living needs.
HAJ cottage formafatalimages © Boysplaynice



haj cottage: inside the modern mountain home


Discovered at an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) within the Krkonoše National Park, ADR and Formafatal‘s HAJ Cottage unfolds into view from the terrain. The sloping terrain, descending steeply into the valley, allows the building’s stone base to facilitate a natural flow of the landscape. Offering unobstructed views, most windows capture the beauty of the valley, the surrounding landscape, and the pinnacle of the highest Czech mountain, Sněžka.


The cabin, a single-story residence with bedroom suites occupying its attic, comprises two interconnected volumes.  Covered by a gabled roof, the main rectangular mass measures 15 x 10 meters. The second mass, a ground floor with a flat roof, interweaves with the main structure. The ground floor houses living spaces, a kitchen, dining area, technical facilities, and lounge space, while the attic accommodates three bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

HAJ cottage formafatal
HAJ Cottage sensitively occupies the Krkonoše Mountains landscape, offering views of the Sněžka peak



the collaboration between adr & formafatal


Facades predominantly clad in larch wood, aluminum roofing with standing seams, and a stone base typical of the region define the architecture of the HAJ Cottage by ADR. This, together with the decision to leave the surrounding terrain untouched, allows the house to blend into the mountain meadow. Meanwhile, the interior design by Formafatal elevates the HAJ Cottage to a balance of modern comfort and natural aesthetics. Responding to the client’s desire for a cottage reflecting the surrounding mountains, Formafatal employed a material palette that embraces simplicity. Natural materials like solid wood, panels with peeled edges, black rolled steel, unproven perforated sheet metal, and cement screed contribute to the authentic feel of the interior.

HAJ cottage formafatal
a single-story home with a residential attic, the cottage features two interconnected masses HAJ cottage formafatal
the use of natural materials, including larch wood and stone, contributes to the authentic feel of the cottage a modern A-frame cottage by ADR & formafatal is hidden among czech mountains
HAJ Cottage blends contemporary living needs with the natural atmosphere of the Krkonoše Mountains


Formafatal’s interiors embrace simplicity with materials like wood, black rolled steel, and perforated sheet metal

a modern A-frame cottage by ADR & formafatal is hidden among czech mountains
timber dominates the interior, connecting spaces and creating a cohesive aethetic throughout the cottage


the theme of black rolled sheet metal links the library with a fireplace and the kitchen unit



project info:


project title: HAJ Cottage

architecture: ADR, | @adr_architects

interior design: Formafatal | @formafatal

location: Krkonoše, Czech Republic

completion: 2022

photography: © Boysplaynice | @boysplaynice


authors: Aleš Lapka, Petr Kolář (ADR), Katarína Varsová, Petra Dagan (Formafatal)

design team: Anna Vildová, Ondřej Krajdl (ADR)

chief engineer: Roman Vejmelka (RVA architects)
main contractor: 3K stavby
management, interior realization: Tomáš Kalhous
atypical furniture: Jaroslav Bernt
metalwork: Ivo Vrátil
epoxy screed realization: Tomáš Šomšág

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