HAMR extends a czech farmhouse in south bohemia with a delicate timber observatory

HAMR extends a czech farmhouse in south bohemia with a delicate timber observatory

a luminous extension of a traditional farmhouse


huť architektury martin rajniš (HAMR) takes to the czech region of south bohemia to realize a place of rest and relaxation. the team breathes new life into this restored farmhouse with the introduction of a delicate timber extension, topped with an observatory beneath its peaked roof. the intervention takes shape with a semi-transparent structural expression built of spruce and larch. with its traditional overall volume, the extension marks an harmonious continuation of the original farm, while the structure and construction introduced a luminous contrast to the existing wooden building.

HAMR farmhouse south bohemia
images © ales jungmann



the timber intervention by HAMR


huť architektury martin rajniš (HAMR) (see more here) describes the construction of its farmhouse extension in south bohemia: ‘the ground floor is folded wood. you go up the spiral stairs to the first floor on the footbridge. it connects the attic of the old building with the attic of the new one. there is only one room in each of them. observatory in the old attic and observatory in the new extension.


in the observatory between the boards of the outer shield you can see out into the surrounding landscape. there is darkness and privacy in the observatory and light falls only through a narrow window. however, part of the roof can be moved away at night and one can watch the stars undisturbed.’

HAMR farmhouse south bohemia



the team at HAMR continues:it’s very nice to realize that when you look at photos, there’s not much to add. we have already proclaimed several times that beauty can arise as an expression of a logical, moderate construction that uses the possibilities of wood to the consequences. at first glance, you can see how properly shaped wood can create beauty in space without the need for any ornament or ‘aestheticized architecture.’


it is clear from the result that it was very worthwhile that the client behaved generously and invited top experts to cooperate from the beginning. especially our good friend and collaborator of wooden construction designer zbyněk šrůtek. we have been cooperating with him for many years and our architectural ideas really understand his static and structural thinking. facade suppliers and other participants in this small but even more interesting realization were similarly great.

HAMR farmhouse south bohemia HAMR farmhouse south bohemia HAMR farmhouse south bohemia


HAMR extends a czech farmhouse in south bohemia with a delicate timber observatory

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