HAO design renovates split-level hair salon and residential
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an ordinary house at first sight, HAO design has converted this 3 floor building in kaohsiung city, taiwan into a mixed-use space. part hair salon and part residential, the interior interprets contemporary and retro styles, highlighted with pops of bold red and blues with vintage furniture. the arrangement of the building uses split levels, most evident in the first and second floor occupied by the hair salon. the interior of this space is modern with an industrial twist, presented by the use of metal pipe mirrors, corrugated steel walls and smooth concrete for surfaces and flooring.

first floor hair salon
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view of split level salon
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there is a multi-level nature to the design, the existing mezzanine has been made open plan with its influence taken from a boxing ring, customers can view glimpses of the owner’s art collection through the metal net on either floors or whilst walking up and down. choosing not to convert all the available space for commercial use, the decision to keep the balcony to allow customers to sit outside and enjoy the greenery. the top 2 floors have been used as the client’s private residence, an eclectic interior, it blends contrasting patterns with different materials and a hidden book shelf that opens up to a dressing room.
haircut stations made of pipes
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staircase leading to split level and second floor hair salon
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black and white floor tiles to match the mottled white brick wall
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outdoor greenery space
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residential space with kitchen and living room
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living area with secret door
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a glimpse into the dressing room
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building from the outside
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