oscar niemeyer image by michael johnson design studio

yesterday, december 15th, brazil’s most famous architect oscar niemeyer celebrated his 102nd birthday. instead of commemorating his supercentennial age, he preferred spending time working on piles of projects. the architect can become a bit grumpy when it comes to this subject of age, commenting that ‘there is nothing fun about being old.‘

his granddaughter said it was with great joy that the family was celebrating his birthday: ‘for us it’s been a relief to see him get to this age so well, especially after the scare we had (the september hospitalization). he acts like a sweetheart with his wife, smokes his cigarillos and taking his wine, without problem,‘ she said.

niemeyer in turn, doesn’t seem impressed with his longevity and he is humble when describing his work: ‘I gave no contribution (to the brazilian architecture). I just tried to be helpful. I’m no better than anyone. I have no fantasies,‘ he concluded.

happy birthday oscar niemeyerbrazil’s most famous architect celebrated his 102nd birthday working