HAS design and research sculpts cavernous 'aluminum grotto' in bangkok

HAS design and research sculpts cavernous 'aluminum grotto' in bangkok

the ‘aluminum grotto and public grounds’


Bangkok‘s architectural landscape has a new landmark, with this Aluminum Grotto and Public Ground by HAS Design and Research. The recently completed project, commissioned for the 90th anniversary of The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA), takes shape with an innovative design dedicated to encouraging public engagement and learning.


Initiated by Thailand’s leading aluminum company S-ONE Group and KIN, the project brief presented a unique challenge — to create a pavilion that celebrates Thailand’s position as a Southeast Asian metal manufacturing leader while introducing a much-needed public resting space for the ASA 90th Anniversary Architect Expo. With the resulting project, HAS Design and Research founders Jenchieh Hung and Kulthida Songkittipakdee prioritize accessibility and create as a free, non-profit center for public learning, art exchanges, and educational lectures.

aluminum grotto has designimages © DOF Sky|Ground



the team references traditional and natural forms


Given Bangkok’s high density and limited green space (which currently falls below WHO recommendations at 6.99 square meters per capita), HAS Design and Research envisioned a project that offered a much-needed retreat from the city. The solution is the ‘Aluminum Grotto,’ a cavernous, sculptural structure that evokes the natural world within the busy expo. With the project, the architects pay homage to Thailand’s past, where dwellings were often hidden within natural landscapes.


The elevated structure creates a shaded space underneath, a ‘gray area’ that functions similarly to the ‘Tai toon’ space found in traditional Thai stilt houses. This multifunctional area is an inviting space for the public, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Additionally, during special events, the natural light filtering through the grotto-like structure creates an almost ceremonial atmosphere, offering a unique sensory experience for educational forums and lectures.

aluminum grotto has design
the pavilion celebrates Thailand’s metal manufacturing industry and offers a free public space



the intricate structure by has design & research


Constructing its Aluminum Grotto, the team at HAS Design and Research showcases its innovative design and traditional craftsmanship. Hundreds of thousands of aluminum rods, each carefully cut and assembled, form the skin of the structure. This so-called ‘Total-ness Design’ approach ensures that the skin becomes an integral part of the space, blending both form and function. The intricate details are designed to recall the craftsmanship seen across Thai temples, expressing the project’s ability to bridge tradition and the future.

aluminum grotto has design
the project prioritizes public engagement with learning, art exchanges, and lectures aluminum grotto has design
the design incorporates a grotto-like structure, referencing Thailand’s natural landscapes HAS design and research sculpts cavernous 'aluminum grotto' in bangkok
natural light filtering through the structure creates a unique atmosphere for events


an elevated structure creates a shaded public area, similar to traditional Thai stilt houses

HAS design and research sculpts cavernous 'aluminum grotto' in bangkok
hundreds of thousands of aluminum rods form the pavilion’s intricate skin.


the architects blend contemporary design with traditional Thai craftsmanship



project info:


project title: Aluminum Grotto and Public Ground

architecture: HAS Design & Research | @has.design.and.research

location: Bangkok, Thailand

client: The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA)

event: ASA 90th Anniversary Architect Expo

completion: 2024

photography: © DOF Sky|Ground | @dofskyground


lead architects: Jenchieh Hung, Kulthida Songkittipakdee

design team: Jenchieh Hung, Kulthida Songkittipakdee, Saralchana Pueakhachen, Muze Ouyang, Jiamin Yang

structure consultant: Buncha Layangkoon

lighting consultant: Light Is

aluminum production: KIN Thailand 

structure production: Pacific Pipe Co., Ltd.

lighting production: Neowave Technology

constructor: Bangkok Canvas

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