dunkelschwarz rethinks the traditional austrian mountain home with 'haus L'

dunkelschwarz rethinks the traditional austrian mountain home with 'haus L'

a modern house in the eastern alps


In Elsbethen, a serene and mountainous suburb southeast of Salzburg, Austria, the newly completed ‘Haus L’ stands with architecture by Dunkelschwarz. The area can be defined as a mix of residential structures which reflect ‘daily life architecture,’ and finds its roots in the terrain’s gentle undulations which mirror the foothills of the dramatic landscape beyond. The architects sought to create a luminous timber home that responded to its surroundings while serving the owners’ desires for privacy as well as openness. Thus, the crux of the project lay in an harmonious coexistence between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

dunkelschwarz haus Limages © Markus Rohrbacher@manusmarkus



haus L: designed with both privacy and openness


The team at Dunkelschwarz builds its Haus L with an ‘outbuilding and canopied entrance,’ the design concept which serves as the cornerstone of the project’s layout. This organization lends an enclave that extends a protective embrace toward the road, thus balancing the elements of privacy and fluidity. By integrating terraces and balconies, the architects obscure the boundaries between the interior living areas and the sheltered yet welcoming courtyard. What’s more, this design decision fosters an organic connection to the lush expanse of the south side garden.

dunkelschwarz haus L



playful interiors by dunkelschwarz


Honoring the architectural language of its neighbors, Dunkelschwarz’s ‘Haus L’ takes shape with a rectangular floor plan and a steep gable roof. While the exterior pays tribute to tradition, the interior defies conventions with an innovative use of open space — nets are stretched across interior voids to span across the living area. This area marks the heart of the home, and visually connects spaces across two levels. These include the kitchen, fireplace, dining area, thus fostering an intimate ambiance while at once creating a playful and unique identity.

dunkelschwarz haus L
a sheltered outbuilding creates a fluid and private connection to the roaddunkelschwarz haus L
the structure is softened with integrated textile elementsdunkelschwarz haus Lthe ground floor and first floor are visually linked through a span of netting


a fireplace is found at the heart of the home

dunkelschwarz haus Lnetting introduces a playful rest area before full-height windows


timber-clad interiors open onto sheltered balconies

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