announced back in 2014, heatherwick studio and landscape architect mathews nielsen unveiled their collaborative ‘pier55’ project; an elevated public park and performance space located on new york’s hudson river. two years on, the construction of the floating island has now been given the full go-ahead to develop its 2.7-acre platform which will be supported with 300 pylons.

pier 55 will be sited between the pile fields of pier 54 and pier 56
all images courtesy of pier 55 inc. / heatherwick studio



the new pier will become a place of discovery, where visitors can wander and meet up to lounge, eat, socialize and enjoy the park’s undulating and lush topography. the project will cater to a diverse range of events in dance, music, theater and public art. ultimately, the varying topographies and intimately crafted environments will create physical, visual and cultural experiences for each of the park’s users. read our previous coverage of the project back in 2014 here.

the man-made park will be located on the hudson river, new york