hello wood's resort weaves six boulder-like cabins into rural hungary

hello wood's resort weaves six boulder-like cabins into rural hungary


Monoliths of piece and Calm by hello wood


For its latest creation, architectural firm Hello Wood has designed and constructed ‘Rock Cabins’ resort near Kapolcs, a rural area in Hungary. Hidden in a grove, the final composition takes shape as an ensemble of six polygonal cabins, each offering a comfortable and serene place for two. 


At first sight, the cabins seem far from ordinary houses. Their futuristic, boulder-like silhouette echoes a notion of an age-old settlement. Inspired by the shape of the rocks, the cabins blend seamlessly with the amorphous topography, creating a link between artificial and natural. Their monolithic character is highlighted by the use of irregular planes, sharp vertices, and dark grey wooden panels, while the openings are kept to a minimum so as not to interrupt the final homogeneous form. This way, the cabins evoke a mood of giant runestones, providing users with intimacy and astonishing views.hello wood's resort weaves six boulder-like cabins into rural hungaryall images by Hello Wood



revitalize the area AND respect its natural values


In collaboration with TreeHouses, creator of widely popular cabins in Noszvaj, Hello Wood has built six cabins in Csóromfölde, a former farmstead in Hungary, giving a new breath to the region after the summer events come to a close. Through this project, the architects aim to create a touristic attraction in all seasons, create jobs for local people, and thus boost the local economy. For the region’s revival, the architects took into account the natural values of the surrounding villages and welcomed a minimalistic and sustainable way of living. With its clean, block-like shape, the cabins follow organically from the environment while sustaining complex architectural solutions. The timber cladding ages naturally, blending into the green backdrop.


‘Over the years, we have grown very fond of the area where we had held our camps,’ says András Huszár, co-founder and CEO of Hello Wood. ‘It was clear, though, that once the summer festivals were over, Csóromfölde and the surrounding villages were abandoned for most of the year. From now on, we are going to be able to provide work for locals not only at the construction site but, through the operative tasks, throughout the whole year.’

hello wood's resort weaves six boulder-like cabins into rural hungary
irregular planes and vertices define a shape resembling a polished stone



a memorable stay in a stunning location


The organic grey shell comes in juxtaposition with the golden brown of the terrace, and the interior is revealed like the inside of a cracked geode. Occupying around 25 sqm, each cabin hosts a living room with a bed, kitchen furniture, a built-in wardrobe and dining table, a bathroom with a double shower, and a panoramic infrared sauna. To create a spa-like experience, a large hot tub is built into the spacious, covered terrace, separated only by a glass window from the sauna with direct access to the shower.


To further ensure privacy and a carefree experience, the cabins are scattered on the plot facing away from each other. Each overlooks the surrounding fields and rolling hills, and visitors can enjoy the panoramic views from the terrace, the hot tub, the glass-walled sauna, or even from the bed.

hello wood's resort weaves six boulder-like cabins into rural hungary
a form similar to polished rock



Following sustainable values


According to the architects, during the construction phase, the main intention was to prefabricate as many elements as possible, minimizing on-site construction work. The polygonal shape required innovative solutions to ensure that the irregular sides precisely fit together. Both the roof and the walls were made of the exact same material, creating a compact overall effect.


Thanks to its cladding, the structure can be heated and cooled with minimal energy consumption. The living space is elevated from the ground; below this space, one can find the technical systems, while the roof is constructed to balance interior temperatures. 

hello wood's resort weaves six boulder-like cabins into rural hungary

the sculptural form is not interrupted by any windows, doors, or staircases

hello wood's resort weaves six boulder-like cabins into rural hungary

hello wood's resort weaves six boulder-like cabins into rural hungary
providing a comfortable and cozy space for two

hello wood's resort weaves six boulder-like cabins into rural hungary







project info:


name: Rock cabins
designer: Hello Wood

creative concept: András Huszár, Péter Pozsár, Dávid Ráday, Krisztián Tóth

lead designer: Péter Pozsár, András Huszár

project architect: Tamás Fülöp

consultants: Tamás Dévényi, Csaba Valkai

operated by: TreeHouses



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