from the atmosphere of its interior to the dishes that are served, every detail of budapest’s textúra restaurant is designed with the sensation of tranquillity at its core. architecture and design studio hello wood works to generate an intervention situated at the heart of the space that is both organic and mathematical. the team works together with the restaurant’s lead designer to create an atmosphere that is design-oriented, informal, and sophisticated. award-winning interior designer anett ficzere, initially taking influence from natural motifs, contacted budapest-based studio hello wood due to the company’s preference for constructing with natural materials.

hello wood textura
all images by máté lakos



the collaboration between ficzere and hello wood resulted in the construction of a centralized installation mimicking the form of a tree. an ornamental lamp using the same formal language and parametric design technique was built to reflect and accompany the algorithmic geometry. inspired by textúra’s chef and his scientific desire to create dishes with atomic techniques, the geometric logic of voronoi cells was used in the generation of the installation. the result is a formal yet organic feeling to the space as the rhythmic pattern adorns the walls, forms partitions, and is used as part of the main installation branching outward across the ceiling of the room like a canopy.

hello wood textura



after first developing 3D models and renders, the team initially considered 3D printing to be the only possible means for the project’s fabrication. during the three-year development of the restaurant’s design and construction, hello wood became closely involved and was able to utilize its experience and technical knowledge in the field to assist with a more natural approach. an algorithm was used to recreate the voronax formula, allowing for the unique mesh to be designed and become the first example of parametric interior design within hungary.

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after the development of several prototypical components, hello wood ultimately determined the fabrication processes necessary for the complex project. the structure is constructed with subtractive methods with the use of the five-axis CNC machine at hello wood’s workshop. this allowed for the intricate, glue-laminated pine blocks to be created and connected together with 500 individual junctions. reaching 9 meters long, 5-meters wide, and alongside an 8-meter high funnel, it was necessary to partially assemble the installation at the workshop before completing its construction on-site over the course of three days.

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outside of its design and architectural work, hello wood also arranges an annual summer camp where young architects and designers come together to work on themed projects. ahead of its tenth jubilee this summer, hello wood has an open call available for would-be students and workshop leaders to apply for the unique international summer school and festival.

hello wood textura hello wood textura



project info:


lead designer: anett ficzere (muzsai-ficzere)

structural designer, fabrication: hello wood

chief designer: andrás huszár, péter pozsár, dávid ráday

project leader and architect: lászló mangliár