inspired by the growing, worldwide dream of a personal office space during a work-from-home era, hungary-based studio hello wood presents its ‘workstation cabin.’ this tiny, architecturally-minded home office cabin is designed to fulfill the widespread desire for a secluded, private workspace without the need for a home expansion. while the playfully sculpted timber project introduces a space for work and meetings, its flexible program functions as a guest room or children’s playroom. the workstation cabin serves as a place for work that is tranquil, relaxing, and encourages solitude and creativity.

hello wood's 'workstation cabin' offers a secluded, work-from-home module
images by zsuzsa darab



in the design of the compact workstation cabin, hello wood begins by imagining a highly functional space in which every square inch of the interior is designed. workstation cabin presents a playful hybrid of design and architecture. transcending the conventional geometry of the cube, the work is expressed more as an art piece that emerges from the landscape. within the faceted volume, recalling a rocky landform, nature feels truly close. the interior is dominated by a finish of natural pine wood while massive windows invite the world of the garden inside.

hello wood workstation cabin



hello wood designs its workstation cabin to adapt to the change of seasons, with an insulated interior and an integrated cooling system. the office cabin is generated with methods of digital fabrication that allow for the blueprint to be instantly forwarded to a CNC machine. while it is in this way easily replicable, the fifteen-sided cabin maintains a geometric complexity, and expresses a unique profile from every angle. installation takes only a few days. the modular prefabricated structure is delivered as one unit, greatly reducing construction time and ease of repairwork. with its low energy consumption and environmental focus, the cabin is greener than a typical house built of non-renewable materials with conventional technologies. 

hello wood workstation cabin hello wood's 'workstation cabin' offers a secluded, work-from-home module hello wood workstation cabin hello wood workstation cabin hello wood workstation cabin hello wood workstation cabin hello wood workstation cabin



project info:


project title: workstation cabin

design/build: hello wood | @hellowood

project architect: tamás fülöp, lászló mangliár

lead designer: péter pozsár 

creative idea: andrás huszár, péter pozsár, dávid ráday, krisztián tóth

photography: zsuzsa darab