henning larsen will transform prague central station with a fluid timber canopy

henning larsen will transform prague central station with a fluid timber canopy

Nový Hlavák: a unified station in prague


Danish architecture studio Henning Larsen, in collaboration with global engineering firm Ramboll, unveils its winning proposal to revitalize Prague Central Station. Dubbed Nový Hlavák, the vision promises to reconnect the historic central station and terminal hall with Vrchlického Sady Park, and is set to stand as a welcoming gateway to Prague. This transformative design will reshape the city’s urban fabric while championing sustainability, adaptive reuse, and timber construction. Driven by the imminent introduction of a new tram line and an expected 200% surge in visitors, the project marks a pivotal moment in Prague’s urban evolution. The design integrates three transit hubs to bring an inviting destination, all unified beneath a sculptural and contemporary roof structure. 

henning larsen prague station
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sustainable and accessible planning by henning larsen


With a keen eye on environmental impact, Henning Larsen’s new Prague Central Station places a premium on low-emission transport and micro-mobility. Public transit, as well as travel by foot and bike, takes center stage, aligning with Prague’s ambitions to lower carbon emissions. The architects will strategically connect the station with the city’s planned bike network, offering easy bicycle access and parking facilities. Breaking down the borders of the former station, Nový Hlavák emerges as a dynamic space, inviting visitors to experience both the station and the heritage of the surrounding park, dotted with ancient trees. This plan will redefine the city’s threshold, inviting all to take a pause and immerse themselves in its vibrant atmosphere.

henning larsen prague stationimages © Vivid Vision | @3dvividvision



a contemporary rooftop unites the station


Central to the design for Henning Larsen’s Prague Central Station is a large, open-roof timber canopy which will unite the park, station, and transport center. This canopy, lifting 13.8 meters (45 feet) above the terminal floor, replaces the existing steel girder and parking deck. Finished with lightweight ETFE roof cladding, the structure enhances views of the park, the Fantova Building, and the surrounding skyline, while promoting pedestrian flow and safety. Meanwhile, Henning Larsen will carefully preserve and transform the Hlavni Nadrazi station, celebrating the architectural heritage of the historic building. The iconic design elements of the Hlavni Nadrazi terminal hall remain intact, reimagined and extended to accommodate increased capacity. Striped paved flooring and curved design elements pay homage to the original playfulness and unique modernist architecture of Hlavni Nadrazi.

henning larsen prague station
images © Vivid Vision henning larsen will transform prague central station with a fluid timber canopy
visualization © BloomImages


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