translucent white volumes compose the 'hermitage for meditation' retreat in vietnam

translucent white volumes compose the 'hermitage for meditation' retreat in vietnam

‘Hermitage for meditation’: an escape from a bleak two years


Sited in the mountainous area of Lam Ha in Vietnam, ‘Hermitage for meditation’ is a uniquely built retreat for a group of Theravada Meditation practitioners wishing to escape urban living following 2+ years of bleak quarantine life. Cam To Quand from SAVA architecture studio joined forces with Nguyen Huu Quy to complete the project as the perfect escape into nature and tranquility. hermitage for meditation 1

‘Hermitage for Meditation’



dividing spatial programs into multi-leveled blocks


‘Hermitage for meditation’ by Cam To Quand (see more here) and Nguyen Huu Quy consists of three zones; each zone has its own kitchen and dining area, a common meditation space with a Buddha statue inside, and private rooms for rest and practice. To minimize disruption during meditation, the aforementioned functions separate into blocks that connect to one another via a central terrace.

hermitage for meditation 2



lighting up the nightscape like flower garlands


Each of these blocks features pre-engineered steel frames, finished with transparent twin-wall polycarbonate sheets that provide insulation and light up the entire retreat complex when night falls — making the buildings appear like flower garlands and colored lanterns nestled in the middle of the woods.

hermitage for meditation 3the retreat was built for Theravada Meditation practitioners wishing to escape urban living

hermitage for meditation 7

hermitage for meditation 4

night time shot showing the retreat glowing like a lantern

hermitage for meditation 5

dividing the retreat into ‘blocks’ or zones
hermitage for meditation 6
the twin-wall polycarbonate sheets also provide insulation






project info:


name: Hermitage for meditation

location:Lam Ha, Vietnam 
architecture: SAVA 
team: Cam To Quang, Quy Nguyen Huu



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