herzog & de meuron has revealed plans to redevelop an old factory area in the heart of moscow. the project involves transforming a largely abandoned site in state of disrepair, into a vibrant and welcoming new district that includes residential, office, and retail programming. while many of the site’s original factory buildings will be preserved, a new structure, described as a ‘horizontal skyscraper’, has been elevated 35 meters above the ground on slender stilts.

herzog de meuron moscow
the vibrant and welcoming district will include residential, office, and retail programming
image © herzog & de meuron (also main image)



importantly, herzog & de meuron’s design, which occupies the former badaevskiy brewery, is to be opened up to the city, with generous urban spaces positioned along the river bank. many of the site’s unprotected structures are to be removed, meaning that the heritage buildings are made more evident and accessible. meanwhile, a new park connects the development with the river.

herzog de meuron moscow
a new structure has been elevated 35 meters above the ground on slender stilts
image © herzog & de meuron



the project is based around the redevelopment of the site’s three original industrial structures: building 1, a pair of historical structures, will host a food market, fashion store, co-working space with conference center, and a large gym; building 2, the lost heart of the former complex, has been rebuilt in accordance with its original brick design, and will contain a large grand hall and a local brewery; finally, building 3, a complex agglomeration of separate parts, will include a traditional russian sauna, arts center, childcare facilities, and apartments.

herzog de meuron moscow
all apartments in the building feature a large balcony
image © herzog & de meuron



containing the site’s main residential component, the ‘horizontal skyscraper’ has been conceived as an elevated lodge with stilts that connect the building with the ground like slender tree trunks. the gesture of lifting the structure not only frees up the ground for public parkland, but also allows for generous views and a direct connection with its surroundings. eight sky villas are located on the uppermost level and feature rooftop gardens.

herzog de meuron moscow
the site’s heritage buildings will be made more evident and accessible
image © herzog & de meuron



‘moscow is a city with a rich and controversial cultural and political heritage, with architectures reflecting avant-garde as well as conservative trends in the course of history,’ says jacques herzog. ‘our project for the redevelopment of badaevskiy factory inserts itself in this very history and tradition of moscow urbanism — it respects and re-uses existing industrial buildings while adding and overlaying them with radically contemporary structures.’


UPDATE: this project won in the ‘future projects – residential’ category at the 2019 world architecture festival, and was shortlisted in the ‘future projects – masterplanning’ category.



project info:


name: badaevskiy brewery, redevelopment
location: moscow, russia
client: capital group, moscow, russia


herzog & de meuron project team —


partners: jacques herzog, pierre de meuron, stefan marbach (partner in charge)


project team: olga bolshanina (associate, project director), tomislav dushanov (associate, project director), sjoerd zonderland (project manager), fanny christinaz (project manager), marcelo bernardi (associate)


alix biehler, mario bonilla, mathieu breton-ortuno, marcello carpino, massimo corradi, gwendoline eveillard, diogo figueiredo, pablo garrido, bryan grossenbacher, hamit kaplan, petr khraptovich, simina marin, magnus möschel, ilia moiseev, alexandros mykoniatis, dulcineia neves dos santos , thanh nguyen, lukas nordström, poap panusittikorn, romain péquin, marika prete, marie-louise raue, derya sancar, dmitry stolbovoy, victor stolbovoy, andrew tétrault, emma thomas, ramona triolo, ilia stefanov tsachev, harry m.x. wei


michal baurycza (visualisations), mikolaj bazaczek (visualisations), massimo corradi, bruno de almeida martins (visualisations), holger rasch


planning —


executive architect: apex project bureau, moscow, russia
building services engineering: unidraft, moscow, russia
landscape design: vogt landscape limited, london, UK
structural engineering (international consultant): schnetzer puskas ingenieure AG, basel, switzerland
structural engineering (local consultant): apex project bureau, moscow, russia


consulting —


acoustics: apex project bureau, moscow, russia
facade engineering (international consultant): emmer pfenninger partner AG, basel, switzerland
facade engineering (local consultant): apex project bureau, moscow, russia
fire protection: apex project bureau, moscow, russia