argentina-based studio carolina vago arquitectura presents ‘las caballerizas,’ a weekend house which occupies a formerly derelict stable photographed by gonzalo viramonte. while retaining the layout and organization of the original building, the architect worked closely with a collection of artisans in the renovation design and build processes. this collaborative process served to generate an expressive artisanal spirit which shows through the details and defined conditions. while the design team maintains and restores the original stone construction despite its poor condition at the project’s inception, las caballerizas ultimately expresses the continued spirit of the former stable.

caballerizas carolina vago
all images by gonzalo viramonte



carolina vago arquitectura works with the dramatic topographic conditions of the site’s natural context in the renovation of las caballerizas. the design team thoughtfully integrates the rolling landscape both visually and physically as the rear of the project cuts into the slope while the front facade opens outward toward the sweeping views of the distant terrain. an open plan along the main level allows for social connections and gathering space without sacrificing the integrity and sense of shelter of the thick stone walls. such private spaces as bedrooms and bathrooms are situated within the individual stable units below.

caballerizas carolina vago



the stable’s original centralized courtyard is maintained in both its materiality and spatial organization. the rusticated stonework which is expressed at the house’s fortress-like exterior is further exposed across the floors, columns, and walls of this semi-enclosed courtyard. a metal extension on the top floor takes advantage of the uneven terrain and hosts the large kitchen, living room, dining room, and gallery. this space opens outwards through large windows and is accessed from the land by means of a painted sheet metal bridge, integrated with a stone terrace with both a grill and clay oven under the shade of trees. the extension of metal and glass rests atop the original stonework, marking two different programs and two very different eras. 

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project info:


project title: las caballerizas

architecture: carolina vago arquitectura

lead architect: carolina vago

location: camino a yacones, lesser, salta capital, argentina

project year: 2019

photography: gonzalo viramonte