fabel arkitektur perches its höghult house atop a scenic hill in sweden

fabel arkitektur perches its höghult house atop a scenic hill in sweden

a pair of cabins on a hill


Swedish studio Fabel Arkitektur has perched its Höghult house atop the sloping landscape of Karlsborg. The architecture takes shape as a pair of timber cabins which punctuate the summit of the steep hill surrounded by farmland and distant views across a forest and lake beyond.


While the two structures are of equal size, one is defined by its introspective, closed off design and the other is built with an open timber framing to allow in sunlight and to gaze outward toward the natural surroundings. The more enclosed cabin houses a sauna, shower, and bedroom while the open cabin hosts a large open living area leading to a shaded patio.

fabel arkitektur hoghult houseimages © Mikael Olsson | @mikaelolsson_



Fabel arkitektur celebrates the endless landscape


In the early design stages of its Höghult house, the team at Fabel Arkitektur sought an architecture that was both restrained and magnificent at the same time, celebrating the landscape. The architects write: ‘Simplicity and clarity have been keywords throughout the process. Both parts of the building are made entirely from wood, with old timber techniques that use no nails or screws.’


While the entire structure is built of timber, the team intended for all other materials to be pure, honest, and easy to interpret. For instance, the shower is finished with ‘tadelakt’ — a waterproof lime stone-plaster surface — while the protective barrier between the fireplace and the timber wall provides a dark and shining contrast to the wooden logs.

fabel arkitektur hoghult house



the innovative design solutions of the höghult house


Fabel Arkitektur’s Höghult house is built with traditional techniques interpreted with a contemporary expression. While the dwelling appears simple, the team notes its surprisingly advanced details. This includes the glass in the timber framing which is mounted using an innovative new method which had been invented by the carpenter.


The design team explains: ‘The construction cannot be done by any carpenter, it requires a lot of experience and special knowledge but at the same time it is very simple and possible to maintain if parts of the wood are damaged over time it is very easy to exchange that part to a similar one. Or why not move the entire building in two hundred years?’

fabel arkitektur hoghult house fabel arkitektur hoghult house fabel arkitektur hoghult house


fabel arkitektur hoghult house

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