yoshichika takagi uses greenhouse strategies to construct house in shinkawa, japan
all images by yuta oseto




this two-storey residence in sapporo is defined by its pared down and similar interior and exterior material palette. clad in a polycarbonate paneling ‘house in shinkawa’ by yoshichi katakagi + associates follows the form and thermal system reminiscent of a greenhouse. its transparency and material protects the home from the elements, while diffusing light into the interior. without insulated walls, the house is heated through its positioning on the ground; supported on the earth and a sun room at its core. this terrace-cum-sun room emphasizes the relationship between inside and outside, while giving the 53 square meter area an illusion of a larger space. furthermore, the orientation enables it to receive the most sunlight: from spring to autumn it serves as a living space, and in the winter, the glasshouse effect keeps the home warm.

the dwelling has been kept bare and minimal with little adorment




compact and with little surface finishes, the minimal home is supported by an exposed timber frame. its low maintenance and economical construction has resulted in a functional and well-insulated home ideal for the inhabitants who resides.

yoshichikatakagi-+-associates-house-in-shinkawa-japan-designboom-02with two levels the home measures at 53 square meters

yoshichikatakagi-+-associates-house-in-shinkawa-japan-designboom-02the kitchen and dining


yoshichikatakagi-+-associates-house-in-shinkawa-japan-designboom-02the ‘terrace’ or ‘sun room’ keeps the residence warm using a greenhouse effect

yoshichikatakagi-+-associates-house-in-shinkawa-japan-designboom-02stairs lead up to the second level

yoshichikatakagi-+-associates-house-in-shinkawa-japan-designboom-02small windows in the rooms provide views of the interiors


yoshichikatakagi-+-associates-house-in-shinkawa-japan-designboom-02polycarbonate paneling protects the home from the wind and the rain

yoshichikatakagi-+-associates-house-in-shinkawa-japan-designboom-02hidden spaces have been integrated into the timber frame

yoshichikatakagi-+-associates-house-in-shinkawa-japan-designboom-02the low maintenance home is based in sapporo, hokkaido

the layout and section of the home